Maid To The Billionaire:Forever His(29)

By: Holly Rayner

“Michael’s charms must be melting the wall around her heart,” I said.

Alex had nodded and said, “She would have had to be the ice queen for them to not.”

James and Alex are closer than they ever were and James even bought a house not too far from us so that he could see the baby whenever he wants to. He hasn’t been back to Tuscany and Alex’s mother is beginning to go less frequently. James takes Michael for a walk every day. Michael is growing attached to him and although he’s only a year old, he seems to know each day that it’s time for his grandfather to come and get him and he wants to wait by the door. I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I think that James may have found his fountain of youth. The more time he spends with Michael, the younger and more energetic he looks.

My mother is the same as she’s always been. I can see her now, searching the audience of our guests, looking for her next victim. She is who she is… and she is my mother, so I deal with it. The day she got her invitation to the wedding and saw that it was going to be on the beach, she nearly choked.

“The beach? Seal Beach? Why on earth when you could get married anywhere in the world would you pick a place that you can’t even wear pretty shoes?”

“It’s our place, Mom. Alex and I both love that place. It’s where we want to start our lives together.” She sighed heavily. I didn’t care. I was marrying the man of my dreams, the father of my baby and I was nothing but happy about it.

My mother was just who she was and that would never change. She still doesn’t get me either. The day that I started school for my Physician’s Assistant Program she asked me, “What is the point in marrying a billionaire if you’re still going to work?”

I told her the honest truth, “Love. Pure, unadulterated love.” She sighed and rolled her eyes. I just smiled at her. I’ve come to believe that is how she shows her love. Anyways, I know for a fact that she’ll be impressed when the helicopter lands to take us to our honeymoon in the Cayman Islands.

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