Maid To The Billionaire:Forever His(3)

By: Holly Rayner

“Good morning, Gregory.”

He raised an eyebrow and said, “Good morning Miss Victoria. What happened last night?”

“What makes you think something happened?”

“Um… the new security all over the grounds… the locksmith at the front door.”

“The locksmith is here already? Wow that was fast.”


“I’m sorry. I was about to go to sleep last night when I heard a noise. When I got up to investigate, I found Cassandra in my son’s room.”

“Oh no! What happened? Is the baby okay?”

“He’s fine. She was just acting really strangely at first… then she got angry which was at least easier for me to recognize. She was just rattling on about how Alex was going to take her back and take the baby from me. I threw her out and then I called Alex. He got busy on sending over security and getting the locks changed right away. He’s amazing.”

He smiled at that and then he furrowed his brows and said, “I always thought that something wasn’t right with that woman. That’s just… frightening.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. Can I eat now?”

“Oh jeez! I’m sorry. I was so caught up in your story.” He had put the lid back on my breakfast when he was trying to get me to tell him what happened last night. He pulled it off now and I saw that it was a ham and cheese quiche, it was my favorite thing for breakfast.

“Mm! Thank you so much!”

He laughed, “You’re welcome. Here you go.”

“Are you going to join me?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, pulling out a chair. He sat down with a piece of the quiche and poured himself a cup of coffee from the carafe.

“Hey Cook, can I ask you a personal question?”


“Why aren’t you married?”

He chuckled and said, “I’ve been there, when I was young. I married a beautiful girl who was also smart and talented… she was a painter. I was in awe of her. It lasted two years and we both had to admit that we were more in love with the idea of each other than the reality. I haven’t felt much like going down that path again… yet. I never say never though.”

“So you date?”

“What’s this all about? You’re not trying to set me up with Cassandra to get rid of her are you? Because there aren’t many women I’ve ever felt like throttling… but that one…”

I laughed. “You’ll have to beat me to it,” I said. “No… it’s just that I have this friend….”

He pulled his brows together and I could really tell that he was trying not to make a face as he said, “Is it your mother? She’s a very attractive lady but…”

“Oh no, definitely not. I like you. I’d never do that to you!”

He laughed at that. “Okay… so now I’m listening. Who is this friend?”

“Her name is Liz and she’s just an amazing person. She’s pretty and she’s funny and smart and she works hard… she attracts idiots like flies though.”

“What makes you think I’m any better than those idiots she attracts?”

“I’ve known you for a while now. I think if you were an idiot, I would have sensed it by now.”

Smiling he said, “Well, thank you for that. I might be willing to meet this friend of yours. Maybe we could start small and we could all have coffee one day.”

“That would be great! Thanks!”

“Sure. How does your friend feel about the homeless?”

“I’m not sure if she has an opinion about them or not. She hasn’t really shared that part of herself with me.”

“Okay… I’ll ask her when I meet her. You know, my homeless shelter is important to me. I’ve dated a few women who had a problem with it. It seems women don’t approve of me putting my own money into the place.”

“Oh well, Liz isn’t like that. She doesn’t care about money. She’s very self-sufficient and she’s definitely no gold digger.”

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