Maid To The Billionaire:Forever His(6)

By: Holly Rayner

The last one’s name was Becky and she was a pretty, young twenty-something who came from one of the most influential families in Orange County, even I had heard of her family. Her father was a Bio-technical engineer as well and he had designed one of the L.A. areas most prestigious theme parks. When Alex saw her name he said that he knew her family. I was confused right off the bat.

“I’m sorry if this sounds like a rude question… I don’t mean for it to in anyway… I’m confused as to why you would want to be a nanny? It’s not something most girls of your… social standing would be interested in.”

She smiled and said, “That’s a perfectly legitimate question. I’m a trust fund baby, that’s for sure. But, my father was raised up to believe that the one person and the one thing we will always have to depend on in this life is ourselves and our own brains. My little brother works on a fishing boat in Alaska right now. My father is willing to pay our room and board, utilities and education, things like that until we’re thirty, but nothing else. So if we want a car or nice clothes, anything like that, we’re to get a job and pay for it ourselves.”

“So you don’t have any experience?”

“Not yet,” she said. “I have a degree in early childhood development.” She looked at Alex then and said, “I used to be a counselor at that summer camp every year, you remember that, right? You worked with me one year.”

He smiled and his eyes looked like he was remembering as he said, “That’s right, I remember! I was already nineteen my last year and you were just a kid still…”

“I was fifteen, and very insulted then that you thought of me as a kid,” she said, in a flirtatious way. Alex didn’t seem to be fazed by her flirting. Sometimes, I think he gets so used to being flirted with that sometimes he doesn’t even notice.

“Oh well, sorry about that,” he said, laughing. “It must have been the fact that I was such a worldly nineteen… everyone seemed young to me.”

“And everyone either wanted to be you, or with you,” she said, with another laugh. I looked her over as she flirted with my boyfriend and took in the Jimmy Choo shoes and the Prada pantsuit and the Michael Kors bag. I had to wonder if “Daddy” didn’t pay for those things and she’d been in school, how did she afford them? After she left, Alex again asked me what I thought.

“I don’t like her.”

He looked at me with a shocked expression. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you just flat out say you didn’t like someone.”

“You asked me what I thought.”

“True… but, I do like her and her family is above reproach. Karen, what did you think?”

“She seems like a nice, responsible young lady to me.”

“I don’t like her,” I said again. Alex laughed.

“Yes love, we’ve established that. What is it that you don’t like?”

“The way she blatantly flirts with you for one thing… right in front of me.”

He laughed again. “I don’t think she was flirting. I think it’s just the way she talks to people.”

“She didn’t bat her eyelashes once when she was talking to me,” I said.

Karen was trying not to smile as she said, “May I make a suggestion?”

“Sure,” Alex and I both said at the same time.

“I need to hire someone to help while Marco is out for his surgery. How about if we hire her temporarily for his position. That way, if the nanny we decide on doesn’t work out, we’ll have her as a back-up.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” Alex said. “What do you think, Vicki?”

I knew that I still didn’t like her. I didn’t want to be overly difficult though so I said, “Okay, but can we hire Mrs. Yost then?” Mrs. Yost was the forty-something woman I’d taken such a liking to.

Alex laughed again and said, “Okay, Mrs. Yost it is. Karen, go ahead and offer Tracy Marco’s position while he’s gone. Make sure she knows that it’s temporary, but let her know if she does well, we’ll keep her in mind for any other openings that might come up.”

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