Men of Steel (Book 1)

By: MJ Fields

Jase and Carly’s Beginning

Chapter 1

It was an exceptionally hot summer. I was glad to be spending it with my father while mom was away on a “retreat”. Since my parents had divorced two years earlier and I had moved to Palo Alto with my Mom, life had certainly changed. My brother Cameron stayed with Dad in Jersey. I was less than enthralled about being separated from him. I love him, he was absolutely the best big brother a girl could ask for. He was certainly the reason I narrowly escaped losing my virginity to the most beautiful boy I had ever laid eyes on, a bad boy, Cameron had told me.

“What are you doing Carly?” Cameron screamed as he stormed down the beach towards me.

Needless to say, I was horrified that my brother had caught me making out with our cousin Abe’s best friend. A boy I had been sneaking around with for weeks.

The first night I saw him, Abe and I had wen't to a party on the shore. He was sitting on a rock with a beer in his hand. He was gorgeous, messy black hair and the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. Brown like chocolate and his perfect smile, God that smile and a dimple on his left cheek that was so deep. He had his shirt off, his body was beautiful. Long, lean, and he was cut. His skin was a golden tan, and I swear I didn’t see a tan line.

“Hey Abe,” he smiled and waved us over and handed Abe a beer, “You want one?”

“Uh…sure…” I looked at Abe and he smiled. I really didn’t, but I didn’t want him to look at me like I was some sort of child either.

I remember the brunette brigade all swarming around him and how they all but threw themselves at him. I watched him smile and joke with them, but I also saw the way he looked at me out of the corner of his eye and would smile at me when Abe was not paying attention.

He had a girlfriend, and watching them was not at all comfortable. Not just because I thought he was beautiful or that I truly spent every night for that first week waiting for his smile, craving his attention. Because she was mean, she was rude to every one of his friends, she was nasty to all hers,and she constantly redirecting his attention from my cousin and their friends to her mouth. The way she would kiss him or would make a sexual comment just to gain his attention made me nauseous. What was even worse was that it seemed to work.

On the last night of the first week they got into a fight, she actually slapped him across the face. He laughed at her and turned away. He walked towards the water and stood there. I remember Abe standing and talking to him, then patting him on the back and then they walked back to the group which now included me.

He smiled broadly, “Well I am pretty sure that’s done.”

Abe and the rest of the guys laughed, “Yay right.”

He looked up at me and smiled, that smile did me in for the rest of the summer.

It started off very innocently, we all hung out at the beach every night. He eventually sat closer to me. Abe noticed, and he backed off.

“I want to hang out with you Carly,” he purred into my ear.

Yes, he purred, his voice could melt butter it was that damn hot.

And what came out of my mouth? “We are.”

He looked confused, the beautiful boy I had watched for over a week. The one who alluded confidence looked dumbstruck. When he finally pulled it together he smiled.

“Alright then,” he excused himself after a few awkward moments.

A few days later she started to come around again. At first he ignored her and then he didn’t, simple and easy. And she was easy, I watched as she flounced around in front of his friends to piss him off and then the two of them would leave. Most times they did not return.

A week later he showed up, and she stormed down towards all of us yelling at him. He walked up and sat next to me, it was the only place to sit, I know this, but still it made my heart beat faster.

“Do you like her, is that why you have to come here every night?” She yelled.

I knew my eyes were as big as ET’s when I glanced up at her making me. She gave me a dirty look.

“I am sorry I don’t know your name…I am Abe's cousin, I am just visiting,” I managed to choke out before she interrupted.

“Pam, learn it,” she snapped.

I looked at Abe who was walking towards us, thank God.

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