Mine to Have

By: Jade Sinner

A Claimed Story

I can’t concentrate. I can’t get a fucking thing done in my own home. Between the blaring music and the continual rings of feminine laughter, my mind is consumed with the girl just beyond my office window. I tell myself she’s a girl, but holy fuck, she looks like a woman.

When I close my eyes, I see her—all of her: her long tan legs, that seem to fucking go on and on. The curve of her round ass. Her flat, toned stomach and full blossoming tits. Lacy is the whole goddamn package, all the way to the long blonde hair that’s perfect for wrapping my fist into as I glide her shimmering pink lips up and down my cock.

My imagination takes me to places on her young, virgin body that I haven’t seen, not that she leaves a lot to the imagination with the way she parades around the house in tiny bathing suits, skimpy shorts, too-short skirts, and crop tops that showcase her slender waist and large, round tits.

Painfully, I push my chair away from my desk and shift my growing erection. Fuck work. All I can think about is her skin and how soft it would be if I ran my hands... Shit! I run my fingers through my hair.

I reach the large window just in time to watch as Lacy comes out of the pool. Each step above the surface is perfection. Water glistens on her sun-kissed skin, droplets shimmering as they cling to her tits and slide below the white triangles of material, the fabric so skimpy it barely covers her erect nipples.

Even from this distance, it’s clear that they’re hard, tenting the fabric.

Her face turns toward my office window. Can she see me watching her? Is that why her nipples are hard?

Fuck! This shouldn’t be happening. Lacy is my niece—kind of—she is my responsibility.

Then again, I never asked to be responsible for my stepsister’s kid. I never asked for my family to perish in a car crash, leaving me in charge of her, as well as the sole owner of a multi-billion-dollar empire at the ripe young age of twenty-seven.

That was three years ago.

Three years since my father, his second wife, her daughter and son-in-law were taken out by one distracted driver—a teenager with a cell phone and a text message that wouldn’t wait. Three years since I went from a carefree playboy with the world on a fucking string to Mr. Responsible with that same world now a gigantic weight on my shoulders. Three years since I knew what it was like to be laughing and lighthearted like the beautiful, sexy girl now lying on a long chair with her round, nearly-covered tits baking in the Arizona sun.

Eleven years younger than me, Lacy isn’t my biological niece. Nevertheless, when her parents and grandparents died, she became mine. At sixteen she was skinny and forlorn. I didn’t know how to deal with a teenager. Hell, I’d just lost my family too.

I sent her off to school. What the hell did I know about raising a teenager? But now she’s back, and at nineteen, she’s no longer a teenager. Well, technically she is, but fuck, her body screams woman. Ever since she came home after her freshman year at college, I can’t get her off my mind.

Loud laughter resonates from the pool deck as Lacy and her friend share something on the screen of Lacy’s phone. Her chin rises as she laughs, exposing her long slender neck, one I imagine wrapping my fingers around as I restrict her air, fucking her tight, virgin pussy, as my dick rubs her clit, pushing her higher until I give her permission to breathe and the freedom to cum. Unconsciously, I rub my hardening cock through my jeans as I imagine her cunt milking it and me filling her with copious amounts of my seed. After all, we’re family. Who else would I trust with bearing my children, children who will one day inherit everything I did.

I straighten my shoulders, unable to take the pressure anymore. I’m about ready to drop a load as pre-cum leaks from my dick, my erection hardening against the strain of my jeans. I should go upstairs to my suite. I should walk away from the precarious situation; instead, I find myself standing beyond the glass doors on the ornately tiled pool deck.

“Lacy!” I shout above the music.

Neither she nor her friend turn toward me, too lost in their own world. Fuck that. This is my world and she’s in it. She’s going to start being a bigger part of it. I was given the job of taking care of her, and now it is time she takes care of me too.

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