By: Tiffany Reisz

“This,” he said and pushed her onto her back on the bed.

“Ben, we have to—”

“Nothing. We have to do nothing but this,” Ben said and unzipped his tuxedo pants as Beatriz yanked her full skirt of her purple bridesmaid’s dress up. Beatriz had on stockings and garters under her dress so he just grabbed the flimsy fabric of her panties and ripped them off. He didn’t have time to deal with uncooperative lingerie. With the long silk ribbon he tied her wrists to the headboard.

“You’re tying me up?”

“I don’t want you getting away from me again.”

“Have you been tested for everything?” Beatriz asked.

“Everything,” he said. “Had a physical last month.”

“I’m good, too. Clean and on birth control. Skip the condom?”

“Yes, please.”

He pushed inside her as she wrapped her stockinged legs around his back. The raw heat of her around his bare penis made his eyes nearly water with the incredible shock of pleasure. He pounded into her like a madman and she took everything he gave her, raising her hips to meet his thrusts. He had to come in her, had to fill her with his semen, had to make her completely his.

The frenzied sex lasted only minutes. Beatriz came so hard her shoulders lifted off the bed and he felt her vaginal muscles slamming into his cock. He came seconds after, pouring into her as he thrust with everything in him.

He pulled out of her, still gasping, untied her hands, and passed her the box of tissues.

“Sorry about that,” he said as she started wiping herself off.

“Don’t worry. Claudia paid for the dress. A little cum never killed anyone.”

“We should probably go back downstairs. Do I look like I just fucked someone’s brains out?”

Beatriz stood up and pulled a new pair of panties on under her dress.



They returned to the reception, now in full swing. Both Henry and Claudia gave him the “we know what you’ve been doing” eyes. They tried to play it innocent. Ben justified his ravenous fucking of Beatriz by telling himself if he hadn’t fucked her before the reception, he’d be sporting an erection during the entire rest of the evening. He was really doing the guests a favor by getting it out of his system.

He and Beatriz danced. Then he danced with Claudia while Beatriz danced with Henry. The night wore on and everything turned into a slightly inebriated haze of laughter, music, alcohol, dirty jokes and cake.

And love. So much love.

At midnight the limo arrived to haul away Henry and Claudia to the tiny B and B where they’d planned to spend their wedding night before heading to Key West the next day. Beatriz helped Claudia with her dress. Ben helped Henry with his walking.

Just before the bride and groom shut the door, Claudia smiled up at them.

“We’re re-gifting you a wedding present my weird cousin Griffin from New York sent us. It’s not our thing, but I think you two might like it. I sent it up to your room, Bea.”

And with that they closed the door and drove off.

Ben looked at Beatriz.

“You think it’s safe to get out of here?” he asked.

The reception seemed to be emptying out.

“Hell, yes,” she said and took his hand.

When they reached her hotel room, Beatriz found a white box sitting outside the door. They took it inside and laid it on the bed.

“I’m scared,” she said.

“Me, too. Terrified.”

“Should I open it?” Beatriz asked.

“If you don’t, I will.”

Beatriz lifted the lid off the beautifully wrapped box and pushed the tissue paper aside.

Ben leaned over and peaked inside. He raised his eyebrow at Beatriz.

“Well, we did finish THE MANUAL,” she said. “And John asked me to branch out into reviewing other kinds of sex toys.”

“I’m game if you are.”

Beatriz pulled a book out of the box. Underneath it lay a pair of handcuffs, some sort of whip, two floggers and something that looked like a paddle made of leather instead of wood.

She threw a copy of Kink for Beginners onto the bed.

Ben glanced down at the book and back up at Beatriz.

“God, I love your job.”

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