My Son(2)

By: Marie Kelly

“Never the less” the lawyer had continued

“He will still have to be informed”. The elderly gentleman had smiled more gently at her and quietly added

“Until then he will continue to reside with you and if as you say the father is not interested will then permanently live with you”

Kelly had felt uncomfortable about having to inform him, she had known that Max was the son of the renowned playboy Marc De Santo, but whenever she had tried to bring up the subject to her cousin she had been told

“He knows………he isn’t interested” by Trudy, who would then always change the subject, Kelly feeling sorry for her and the pain she must have felt knowing this, shocked and saddened as she had wondered sadly how anybody could not be interested in their own flesh and blood, especially a child like Max.

She had met Marc on one brief occasion, but while she was sure that he would not have remembered her, she had never forgotten him, remembering how he had dominated the room and laughed easily while his breathtakingly beautiful date had clung on to him, as he worked the room.

Thinking about Marc De Santo had made her angry and she had grown to despise the man who had abandoned her friend and his child, but knowing that he would be contacted about Trudy’s death had made her uneasy. However, as the weeks had slipped away, her uneasiness had disappeared and it was therefore with shock that she now found herself staring in disbelief at his back as he moved further into her home.

Closing the door, she had quickly caught up with him, reaching him as he had moved into her small sunny living room with light flooding in from the large bay windows.

She had watched as his eyes moved around the room, taking in everything from the small shabby couch covered in bright cheerful throws to the many toys which littered the floor thrown there by eager little fingers, before his eyes had finally settled on her. She saw how they had slid over her, openly admiring her slender form.

Inwardly Kelly had shivered as those dark eyes had bored into hers and held hers captive, remembering how Trudy had often spoken of how alluring Marc had been. Faced once more with him she once again felt the same quickening response as she had on their first meeting. He was the most perfect man she had ever seen. His wide shoulders tapered down to a slim waist, dressed in a suit which must have cost more money than she could make in a month, several months. However, he wore it with the air of somebody who was used to the better things in life, as indeed he was.

His shining black hair was fashionably cut and tapered down neatly at the back of his neck, and she had swallowed uncomfortably aware of a quickening of her pulse as some of his fringe had fallen slightly over his eye giving him a boyish look which belied his true preditary nature. It was however, his eyes which had her holding her breath, the darkest eyes she had ever seen, framed with long lashes which seemed to glow dangerously, as he had looked around himself. Marc De Santo exuded power and wealth, which made her shiver slightly with an emotion she didn’t fully understand and she had once more thought that he was not a man who could ever be missed in any room.

Kelly had become aware that she had been staring at him and that he was now watching her too, his eyes holding hers unblinkingly, and she had flushed as she saw the knowing smile on his lips and the mocking look in his eyes.

“Well Miss Brown where is my son” he had said, his voice dangerously low.

Kelly had looked around the room in panic, relieved that Max was not there, as she had prayed that her friend would not have forgotten anything, prayed that she would not return please, please, please dear God she had prayed silently.

“I’m waiting” he had continued a note of impatience creeping into his tone

“He… he isn’t here right now “Kelly had stammered softly, watching as Marc De Santo had moved over to an armchair and seated himself upon it.

“And when will he be here” he had asked her calmly.

“I don’t know” she lied, looking nervously at the man before her.

Dark eyes had penetrated hers; cold ruthless eyes which she knew would be dangerous to those who crossed him.

“You don’t know?” he sneered, his voice cold and brittle

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