My Son(3)

By: Marie Kelly

“Miss Brown”, he had punctuated each word with contempt “I was contacted by your lawyer to say that an old……...friend”, she had bristled at the way he had said the word

“Trudy Brown had been killed.” He paused for a moment to take in the way her body had suddenly stiffened

“And that she had a son… son” he stated still watching her with darkly hooded eyes which portrayed nothing of what he was thinking

Kelly had nodded her head

“There was a car accident….” She began before he had cut through her words

“My son, a son I never knew I had”

Kelly had looked at him in disbelief, remembering how Trudy had informed him that she was pregnant and had been told that it had nothing to do with him leaving her to raise her child alone.

Before she could open her mouth he had risen quickly to his feet and stood before her his eyes now blazing down at her

“I don’t take kindly to people passing off their children as mine” he had said in a low dark tone

“Then I can only wonder why you are here at all” she had bitten back, anger finally taking hold of her

“The only reason I am here” he had stated “was because I knew Trudy and wanted to find out for myself. However, if this is some kind of attempt to get money then you will be one very sorry girl” he had finished coldly

Kelly had felt shaken by his words and confused. How could he deny that he did not know of Max, Trudy had promised her that she had informed him, not understanding his anger, or words of ignorance with regard to his son.

“I don’t need your money Mr De Santo” she had shouted back at him

“I would rather that you just left now and left me and Max to get on with our lives”

He had stood silently for a few seconds his brow furrowed before in a cooler voice asking

“Then why did I get a letter from your lawyer”

Kelly still inwardly shaking had sighed

“As the named father on max’s birth certificate you had to be informed” she had stated, raising her small chin in defiance

“But we don’t need anything from you”

Marc De Santo had looked at her for a long while, his eyes openly moving over her, taking in every detail from her honey gold hair which she had twisted into a bun and which was held firmly to her head by what looked like a pencil to her graceful slender neck. His eyes had flitted over her slim but curvatious figure, taking in the way that her young body stood rigid with anger, remembering her from the first time they had met. When she had first opened the door to him it had taken a great deal of self control to keep the surprised look from his face, and he was once more struck by how beautiful she looked.

Kelly had flushed feeling self conscious and hating the fact that she was wearing an old t-shirt which clung to every part of her body along with old leggings which were covered in paint. She had tried to tell herself that she didn’t care if she looked to him as though she had just been dragged through a hedge backwards; however, something inside her had cringed as he had racked her contemptuously with those dark eyes, and raising her chin she had met his gaze.

“Show me this birth certificate” he had finally stated, as silently with a last glare back at him, Kelly had turned and moved into her bedroom to retrieve a copy of Max’s birth certificate.

“How do I know if this child is mine…” a voice behind her had began, as she had gasped, not aware that Marc had followed her into her room, turning abruptly at the sound of his voice.

To her surprise he was stood transfixed at the door staring at a picture on the wall, a picture of a small boy who had the same dark eyes, dark hair and features of the man before her.

He had moved closer to better examine the picture in greater detail, before finally speaking, his voice a little cracked

“Who is this” he asked quietly his back to her, his body rigid, hands balled at his side

“Max” she had said quietly.

“How old is he” he had again asked as Kelly had once more answered, her voice softer looking at the picture of her beloved boy

“11 months”

Marc had muttered something incoherently under his breath before swinging around to face her, his dark eyes blazing brighter than she had ever thought would be possible

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