My Son(4)

By: Marie Kelly

“Where is he?” he had barked out with barely contained rage, as Kelly had stepped back, a flicker of fear now entering her eyes he had noted with some small satisfaction.

“Where is my son?”

“I told you” she had cried back at him “he isn’t here and I don’t know when he’ll be back” glaring back at him with as much courage as she could muster, her trembling hands which were now wrapped protectively around herself giving her away.

“Is that his birth certificate” he had demanded, grabbing it from her fingers before she could stop him.

“It’s a copy” she had responded although aware that he was now intently reading the document, shock filling his handsome features before, again he had sworn angrily under his breath before waving the document before her

“Why?” he demanded “why did she never tell me”

Kelly had finally found the courage to stand up to him

“You knew” she had cried back, her face shining with the anger she had always held for him

“But you just left her to bring him up on her own”

Marc De Santo had stared back at her in disbelief

“I never knew. Do you think I would leave my son” he had looked around her flat again “…” he had said with no attempt to conceal his contempt

Kelly didn’t know what to say. She hated this man so much. How dare he look down on her and the home she lived in, and how dare he look at her as though she was dirt under his feet.

“Get out of my house” she had whispered angrily

“Not without my son” he had snarled back, holding her angry gaze with his own.

“I have legal guardianship” she had yelled “And you don’t even know if he is your son yet”

Marc had looked back at the picture, a look of disbelief in his eyes

However, glaring at her once more he had moved back down the hall to her doorway, pulling open the door before looking back at her

“I will be back Miss Brown and next time I will be coming for my son”

before slamming the door behind him

As the door had closed with a loud bang, the sound had seemed to knock the wind from Kelly, who from standing rigid, bravely holding up her chin in defiance, had visibly crumbled, falling slowly to her knees, her shoulders slumping forward and the tears filling her lovely eyes.

Oh God she had thought, please don’t take Max from me … not Max, tears now streaming unchecked down her face. Looking up at the picture of the small child she had so lovingly painted, her heart had beaten so fast with the panic which now swamped her at the thought of losing her little boy.

Right from his birth it had been Kelly who had looked after him, as although she had loved her son, Trudy had never been overly maternal. She had been happy to let her cousin bring her son up while she continued to live her life the way she always had, attending parties with her many boyfriends. Naturally outgoing and beautiful, people, especially men had been attracted to Trudy and she in turn had enjoyed their attention. However, a rule Kelly had stuck to rigidly was that no men where ever allowed to stay over in the flat, which resulted in many nights and often whole days in which she was left to raise little Max on her own. Kelly had never blamed or judged her cousin for the way she lived her live, but had been thankful for the joy that Max had brought into her world, especially at such a dark period in her life.

Kelly had thought back to the day he had been born, remembering how she had fallen in love with the small vulnerable baby the minute Trudy had delivered him with Kelly there to hold her hand. She had cursed Marc De Santo for the way he had thrown her dear friend and cousin aside and ignored the fact that she was carrying his child.

At least that was what she had thought. From his reaction only moments ago a flicker of doubt had dented that long held anger towards him. Surely he wouldn’t bother to pretend to her that he had not known about Max. Men like Marc De Santo didn’t care what people like her thought. They were too rich and powerful to have to live like the rest of the mere mortals, as what he wanted he got. She had felt the vice like fear grip her heart realising that right now he wanted Max, and with that the tears once more had began to fall

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