My Son(6)

By: Marie Kelly

“Is he in now” the man before her had said, before pushing the door open further, not waiting for an invite as he had marched purposefully into her flat

As he had moved closer to the room the sleeping child laid, Kelly had regained the use of her legs and in panic ran ahead of him blocking the door to the child’s room with her body, her arms outstretched.

“Please, please” she whispered “don’t”

About to push past her Marc had looked down at her face and hesitated, shocked to see the panic in her eyes

“He is my son” he had said more softly seeing as Kelly had looked imploringly at him “no….please…….you’ll frighten him”

This had the effect of stopping him in his tracks as he had looked from the door of the room to the woman who stood using her small body as a barrier to try to keep him from entering, like a mother protecting her child from danger he thought to himself. He was once again hit with just how beautiful she was despite the fact that her hair which hung around her face and shoulders was mused up from sleep. She wore no make-up yet her skin seemed to radiate a natural warm glow and looking deeply into her eyes he had once again thought how a man could get lost in those large blue eyes, eyes which were now so full of fear and panic.

He had stepped back, watching as her body had relax a little.

“I don’t want to frighten him” he had said slowly “but I am not leaving here without seeing him”

Kelly had nodded in submission and slowly he had turned and moved into the room he presumed correctly to be the kitchen, as Kelly had followed relieved that he had not entered Max’s room.

For several seconds they had both stood silently in the kitchen, Kelly still trying to catch her breath from the emotional turmoil, while he had seemed cool and totally in control of his emotions as he had sat on one of the bar stools which had been pushed under the worktop.

Kelly had flicked her eyes over him seeing that he was that day dressed casually in jeans and a polo shirt sporting some designer logo which she had instantly recognised. The top seemed to accentuate the contours of his lean body and flatness of his stomach and despite the panic she felt Kelly had felt the prickle of awareness at his presence. Having him so close stirred something deep within her, and she could easily understand why women would fall at his feet, as he effortlessly exuded a raw sexual power which she had pushed to the back of her mind. Yes she could see how he could attract all those women, like moths to a candle she had thought sadly, only Trudy had been the one to be burnt

To break the silence in which she had suddenly become aware of him watching her she had began to move around the kitchen filling the kettle and laying out 2 cups.

“Would you like tea or coffee” she had asked as politely as she could aware that her voice was still shaking

With a lifting of his eyebrow he asked for coffee black with no sugar and she had busied herself preparing the two drinks

After sliding the cup across to him Kelly had become aware of the fact that she was not dressed but was still wearing her silken pyjamas which left very little to the imagination. Colouring a little she had put down her cup and mumbled something about dressing. Marc had seemed uninterested, but she had stood savaging her lip for a few seconds before turning to him and worriedly looking at Max’s room asking for assurance that he would not wake up the small boy still sleeping peacefully inside. He had frowned “I said I would wait” was the irritated reply he had thrown at her and with a last worried look she had left to quickly dress.

Marc had sighed looking around the small kitchen. The last time he had come here he had been critical and incredibly rude about her home. However, he had to admit that it was a warm bright and welcoming house, frowning thinking how it suited her so well. Everything seemed to be child orientated with small signs everywhere of the presence of a child – his child he had thought grimly to himself once more.

He had rubbed his hand over his face wondering for the millionth time why Trudy had withheld the knowledge of his son from him. His mind going back to the last time he had seen her, and the first time he had seen Kelly.

He couldn’t remember the particulars of the party. Yet another cocktail party with most of the same crowd, all laughing and boasting about their latest acquisitions. He had been bored and not even the attentions of the beautiful blonde, her name which had escaped him, had lifted his spirits. As he had looked around he had recognised many of the women on the arms of various competitors and colleagues. Many had fulfilled this same role with him he had thought as they clung to the arm of their latest amours.

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