My Son(7)

By: Marie Kelly

He had sighed aware that even now many cast their eye in his direction. Being head of the De Santo Corporation he was both powerful and wealthy, an enticing combination and, he had found women had fallen at his feet most of his adult life. It didn’t hurt either that at 33 he was tall, about 6”3 with a slim muscular build and devastatingly good looks which most women found irresistible. He in turn had enjoyed them, although none had held his attention for long before he bored of them. Even now as he had looked at his partner he had realised he was growing tired of her trivial chatter about nothing important. He had he knew already made a mental note to make this their last date.

As he had turned to deposit his drink on a passing waiter’s tray, he had come face to face with Trudy and he had smiled warmly at her in welcome taking her hand and kissed it gallantly. She had in turn laughed and raised her eyebrow in the provocative manner which had first attracted him to her.

“Trudy” he had said

“You look as lovely as ever”

She had laughed pleased, at the compliment.

“I see that you are as smooth as ever Marc” she had responded, giving him a knowing smile

“How long has it been” he had queried

As she had had no need to think but responded quickly”over a year”

“Ah yes” he had murmured

At that point he had become aware of the woman standing just behind Trudy, as she had moved to the side and pulled the woman forward introducing her to him

“Marc meet my friend Kelly” she had said as he had caught his breath. She was truly beautiful. While stunning to look at, she had something else, something he could not quite put his finger on, but which made her stand out from the crowd in an almost surreal manner.

Smiling he had caught her hand in his and as he had done with Trudy, kissed the tips of her fingers. The touch of her causing a ripple to travel through him which had been so unexpected, however, only he had been so affected, as looking into her blue eyes he was shocked to see how coldly she had looked back at him.

Trudy who had been closely watching had stepped forward quickly before he could say anything and grabbing her by the arm had moved on

“Wonderful to see you again Marc” she had said hastily

“Look Kelly we’re being called” and they were gone

The whole incident had confused Marc at the time. It all made perfect sense now he thought wearily. Kelly Brown had thought he was some kind of monster who had abandoned his child – no wonder she had looked at him that way.

He remembered the rest of the night watching her from the other side of the room. Notorious venues for beautiful women to meet new eligible men, she had blanked every man who had tried to attract her attention, and there had been many. She had been polite, but distant and even the most renowned playboys had been forced to give up.

He had found himself admiring her eyes and the way her hair, which had hung freely below her shoulders, had shone like a golden waterfall swaying around her perfect body. Adding to the mystery nobody had known who she was he had discovered when he had surreptitiously sought to find out more about her.

That night his love making had been more intense and passionate, much to his partners delight, but as they had lain spent in the dark, he did not tell her that it had been another pair of eyes that had spurred him on to such dizzy heights.

The sound of her returning, now fully dressed pulled him from his thoughts.

She still looked nervous and he could see that her hands had not fully stopped shaking.

“I didn’t think I would see you again” she had finally said a tremor audible in her voice, as she had watched as he raised an eyebrow in surprise

“I told you I would be back” he replied his voice toneless. God she despised the way he could sit their so in control while her insides felt like they were being pulled out inch by inch.

She had nodded her head silently and was quiet. Watching as she looked at the floor he could see the myriad of emotions which seemed to run through her lovely expressive face, as distractedly he had wondered what it would be like to run his fingers through the curtain of hair which she was unsuccessfully trying to use to shield her face from him.

After what seemed an age in which they both stood drinking their coffee neither willing to say anything, a sudden sound had broken the silence.

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