My Son(8)

By: Marie Kelly

Her eyes had closed slowly and then reopened showing a haunted look, similar to such a look he had once seen cross her face momentarily on the night of the party, as her body seemed to tighten in trepidation.

“Th..that’s Max” she said a defeated tone in her voice.

As she had moved to the room the small child was waking in, she didn’t even attempt to stop him as he had followed closely behind her.

The child’s room was wonderful he thought upon entering it. Bright coloured pictures were painted on the walls depicting playful animal characters all smiling as they looked down on the young boy. He knew that she had done them having spent most of the previous two days finding out about her and who she was. Marc De Santo was a man who always won and got what he wanted, and achieving this was done by knowing his facts. Right now he wanted his son.

He watched as she bent down into the cot and gently lifted a small boy holding him so that he clung to her neck, his little body moving against her to take in all that was around him. His heart had jumped on seeing the child who mirrored him so much, and he was swamped with the overpowering feelings of love which totally engulfed him.

She was talking softly to Max while bouncing gently to comfort him as only a mother knew how, and he found himself confused with regard as to what had to be done for the first time ever.

Turning to look at him Kelly had caught the emotional changes in his features.

“Mr De Santo” she said gently

“Meet Max”

Then stepping forward and moving the child so that she could easily transfer him to the now anxious man before her. Her heart lay in her stomach as she knew beyond any doubt that any test would only prove that Marc De Santo was indeed Max’s father. She wanted to find a corner, curl up and cry the realisation that she was going to lose her precious boy fully hitting her, as her heart was slowly torn apart.

As Marc held his son for the first time, she was once again witness to that incredible smile he had given her the first time they had met all those months ago, only this time not meant for her but for his child. It was a smile which could melt the heart of any woman and as she could see any small child too. Max was looking intently at the strange man holding him, his small features fascinated by this new face. As little hands reached up to grab his nose Marc had laughed gently. It was a wonderful sound and his dark eyes were sparkling with no hint of the steeliness which had always been present when directed at her. He had looked over at her, happiness stamped on his features

“He’s a playful little thing” he chuckled

Kelly had smiled back hiding the heartbreak she felt.

“Yes” she replied before straightening up and putting her hands up to take him back

“But it’s time for someone to be changed” she had said in a mock scolding tone meant for the small boy, who on hearing her voice was desperately looking around for her

“Then something nice to eat” she continued taking him back into her arms.

Moving back into the living room he had briefly seen on his first visit as he had following her, he sat down in one of the comfortable armchairs, watching as she had laid Max on a changing mat. He had watched in silence as she tickled his stomach and blew into his belly causing the boy to giggle hysterically. He had watched as she leant down to let him grab her face so that he could suck on her chin making small kissy sounds. He had also seen as her whole body had seemed to relaxed, her previously tense face laughing making her complexion glow with that inner beauty that had had his stomach flip-flopping watching her all those months ago.

He looked around the rest of the room. Not big, it like the others in the flat was bright, clean and homey, as his eyes had came to rest on a large photo frame in which two people were laughing into each others eyes. One was Kelly and the other a handsome young man with laughter lines wrinkling his eyes, his blonde hair lying in thick curls on his head. He recognised the face from his detectives report and felt a tug of sympathy for the woman before him. They looked so much in love he had thought, a strange feeling catching at his throat.

“Now for breakies young man” he could hear her saying in that voice meant for babies.

“Would you mind” she had asked before placing his son in his lap while she disappeared into the kitchen. For several minutes he sat happily tickling the boy’s stomach laughing back at the resulting heehaws.

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