My Wolf's Bane (Shapes of Autumn, #1)(128)

By: Veronica Blade

I wished this perfect moment, this perfect kiss could last forever. But we needed to stay strong. I had to resist. I could do it. I would do it.

My head buzzed with questions and worries. Like what was Zack going to do about Charles? Could he really survive on his own without a pack? Were my parents shape-shifters or had I been adopted? I wasn’t going to get any answers just yet, but right then, I didn’t care. I locked away those mysteries in a corner of my mind for later. For now, Zack was finally mine. And I would find a way to keep him.


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Look for more of Zack and Autumn in Wolves at the Door releasing summer of 2013

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I cut my Young Adult teeth on My Wolf’s Bane and, actually, wrote it before Something Witchy This Way Comes and A Bite’s Tale. It’s my favorite of all my titles — maybe because it was my first YA and a big step toward accomplishing my dream. Or maybe it’s because I fell in love with Zack! : ) Whatever the reason (or combination thereof), it’s been an amazing journey with too many revisions to count and a never-ending supply of frustration in order to perfect this baby.

I’d like to thank my sister-in-law Allie who inspired me to write My Wolf’s Bane; Susan Hatler who is the greatest critique partner ever; Katie McGarry for her encouragement and sweet words; my cousin Danette for her valuable insight; Suzanne Lazear for her fantastic feedback; Erica for her moral support; Niki for making me laugh; fellow authors Sarah Billington, Robin Haseltine, Carol Braswell, Becky Lees, Lynn Marshall, Lea Nolan, Felice Fox, and PR Mason for all their wonderful suggestions; proof readers Starla LeBarron and Samantha Gaudreault for making me look good; beta readers Samantha H, Mandy, Mary, Calyn, Sausha, Jen B, Karie, Jyl B, Kat, Hayly, Athena, Celine, Norma, Lee, Courtney, Juli, Jen W and many others whose enthusiasm for my work keeps me believing in my writing.

And a heap of gratitude to my special peeps (you know what you do and it means everything to me) Megan D, Julie W, Ashley D, April P — you gals rock! And a huge hug goes out to Kat who keeps my head on straight during the crazy times.

A warm and fuzzy thank you to my mom who reads my very scary first drafts, Sara E who is ALWAYS there for me; a very special nod to Rose Nomura for her FABULOUS cover design!!! Lastly, my wonderful husband who exercises superhuman patience when I’m working frantically to meet a deadline and forget he exists. Baby, you’re the best in all the land!

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