New Beginnings

By: Brandy L Rivers


To my wonderful husband who has been with me all these years.

I couldn’t wait for our anniversary to release the book.

Look at it this way; we have the whole day to celebrate now.

Love you, babe

Acknowledgments and Thank Yous

There are a lot of people I want to thank.

Let’s start with my personal cheerleading squad. These were early readers who loved the early work and urged me on New Beginnings. Thank you Bev, Anna-Marie, and Christy.

My Beta readers are amazing. Let’s hear it for LJ Baker, Amanda Keeney, Magen McMinimy, Echo Hill, Doris Orman, Kristin Mayer, Orry Beneveides, and my best friend in the whole world, Michele Myers.

Special thanks to my Mom and Emma who helped proofread.

I have to say that the bloggers and reviewers who take time out of their busy lives to blog about us indie authors are amazing. I have a huge list of favorites, and I’m not going to start listing all of them here because I’d be going on forever and then I’d forget someone and feel bad. Check my Facebook page, I share their pages often.

I have been lucky enough to be involved in For the Love of Fiction, which is a great group of authors, a handful of swag makers, and some amazing bloggers. I’ve learned a lot from the group, and they are all amazing people. In fact, a good chunk of the people listed above are from that groups.

And last, but certainly not least, my street team Rivers Others. It’s new and I am not the best at naming things but these ladies are amazing. Love you all. Thank you Tarnya Rutheford for helping me set it up. I’m not going to name each individual, because I managed to have 30 wonderful readers join me.

Chapter 1

Someone was snoring like a freight train. The racket threatened to shatter Jess’ skull. She was burning up thanks to the blazing hot furnace pinning her down. One eye opened to find a sheet of auburn hair draped over her face.

Oh shit. She was dreaming. Right? Surely she wasn’t stupid enough to sleep with her goddamned Alpha.

Gregory ripped a nasty fart and she just about died from the stench.

Fuck. It wasn’t a dream. She barely managed to scoot out from under him while holding her breath.

Thanking every deity she could think of, she gathered up her scattered clothes and snuck out without waking the dumbshit up. After she pulled her outfit on, she crept out the door and into her truck.

The night before was a blank. She couldn’t remember how she managed to get there. Hopefully she wouldn’t remember. Maybe she’d be lucky and he wouldn’t either.

Sure… and hell might freeze over.

Years of turning Gregory down because of this exact vision, and there she was living it. He had always been a misogynistic sleazeball, but had respected her hands-off policy. Now that he had a piece, he was going to be after more.

Jess gagged and tried to force back the repulsion.

At least she had a backup plan. It seemed like the perfect time to put it into effect. She turned toward Painted On You. Her best friend Fallon would be there, but Jess hoped to God she was busy. The last thing she wanted to do was start World War III over moving.

Fallon’s boss was the one Jess needed to see. She just needed to get Gabriel alone. A week ago he told her about an Alpha with a vacant bar to sell.

Flashbacks of the previous night plagued her drive. It all started with Bill’s Moonshine. Now she knew why she hadn’t bothered with it before. Her head was still pounding like a bass drum. The last time she had been buzzed was before becoming a wolf fourteen years before.

Jess attempted to tell Fallon why Isaac was late to the party. Fallon wasn’t hearing it, she was sick to death from all of Jess’ visions regarding the man in question.

It killed Jess to know that the bastard was cheating after less than a month in a relationship. There was no proof, so Fallon refused to listen.

Instead of arguing, Fallon brought Jess a plastic cup full of something that smelled like strawberry flavored rubbing alcohol. Fallon raised her glass and said, “To new beginnings.”

Jess tapped her cup against Fallon’s and then gulped down the sweet yet potent concoction without a second thought.

It quickly turned into a drinking competition as Fallon handed her another and downed her own.

Everyone was yelling, “Chug, chug, chug.” And Jess was always up for a challenge.

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