Offside (Pro-U Book 2)

By: Ali Parker

Breakaway – Deleted Scene


"Okay, girl. You ready to try this?" The smile that spread across my face was sure to get me in trouble, but I couldn't help it. Aubrey had finally agreed to let me teach her to ice skate. Where she wouldn't let me take her to a public place, she was willing to try out the ice rink where we played on campus.

"Don't let go of my hand. Okay?" She glanced around and reached out with a shaky hand. "No one is going to randomly show up, right?"

"What are you worried about?" I chuckled and moved toward her, pulling her flush against me and skating backward as she yelped.

"Lucas! This isn't funny. I'm seriously scared." She pushed at my chest and glanced up to lock eyes with me.

I licked my lips and studied her beautiful face, grateful for her more than anything else in my life. The hockey season was over with and I'd be heading off to Washington in the next few weeks to try and live a life I wasn't sure I wanted.

"Have I told you how beautiful you look today?" I brushed her dark hair back and released my hold just enough to let her slide down the front of my body.

"Flattery is not going to get you out of trouble." She tightened her arms around me and wobbled a little on her skates. "Why is this so damn scary?"

"Because it's new, and you're not in control of your skates yet. Give it some time and you'll be passing up the boys on the rink." I leaned down and brushed my lips by hers softly before licking at her mouth. "How about we forgo this torture and go back to my place?"

She kissed me a few more times and loosened her grip just a little.

"We're having pizza with everyone in an hour. I'll get the hang of this. I think." She wobbled and pulled at my t-shirt as I held on to her arms tightly.

"Why do you wanna do this again?"

"I want to know how to skate. It seems stupid not to. Jayce has been skating his whole life."

"All right. Let go of my shirt and take my hand. We'll go slowly. If you fall, I'm gonna catch you."

"Promise?" Her eyes held fear, and fuck if I didn't want to pick her back up and skate off the ice. For someone with so much drive and confidence, she was having a hard time overcoming this one thing.

"Do you doubt me?" I leaned down for a long probing kiss and slid my hands over her hips to rub the top of her ass softly. My body warmed at the thought of taking her down to the ice and rolling around a little for fun.

"Mmmm... I love your kisses."

"Good. Move back and take my hand and I'll lick you everywhere later tonight. Deal?"

She huffed softly as I smiled again.


Much to my surprise she pushed back a little and released my hand. Her arms were stretched out in front of her, and her eyes downcast as if waiting for the ice to crack in half.

"Wow. No hand holding?"

She glanced up and lifted her eyebrow, looking a little too nefarious for her own good.

"Hand holding? I've lived in Rhode Island all my life. I got this." She straightened her shoulders and turned gracefully like the dancer she was.

Realization filled me as she took off toward the far end of the rink and spun around again, jumping in the air and doing a few moves that I was scared shitless to try.

"You cheeky little bitch," I called out and laughed loudly as I took off after her. She knew how to skate as well as I did. I'd been duped.

I crashed into her and picked her up, skating hard and stopping fast before I pressed her to the far wall of the rink.

"You're getting a spanking for this." I cupped her face and rocked my hips forward as she moaned against my lips.

"Can we get undressed for the punishment?" She gripped my sides and lifted up for another long stretch of kissing.

"There’s no other way to get a spanking." I moved down and kissed the side of her neck as she ran her nails up the back of my t-shirt and scratched my back. "I can't believe I fell for that shit."

"Me either. Race you back to the other side. Whoever makes it first is paying for dinner."

"Bullshit. I'm paying for dinner." I moved back and ran my eyes over her beautiful face, memorizing her cocky expression as I had all the other ones she had blessed me with. "Whoever wins gets to choose whether they want to do the eating or get eaten."

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