One Night With A Prince(148)

By: Sabrina Jeffries

Gavin smiled. “Yes. Exactly.” He took a glass of wine from the footman and handed it to her, then lifted his own. “On this day, of all days, we need a toast, don’t you think, gentlemen?”

“Absolutely.” Iversley lifted his glass, and said, “To the Royal Brotherhood of By-blows.”

They echoed the toast as one, even the ladies.

As they drank, Gavin looked round at the men who’d truly become his brothers and at their wives, who would walk through fire for one of their own. Just like his mother. Just like his own wife. He stared down at Christabel, who was beaming at him, her face brimming with love. He raised his glass again. “And to our royal sire. Long live the king.”

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