Outback Thunder

By: Ann B. Harrison

Chapter One

"It's not fair, Brandon. I was looking forward to a white Christmas for a change. The last thing I want is a wet season in the outback." Zoe Walters chewed on her bottom lip and shifted the phone to her other ear. She sighed and pulled free the sparkly dangling earring before throwing it carelessly onto the rosewood writing desk. She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes, a headache starting to throb at her temples.

"You have to come, Zoe. I've done the best I can since Mum and Dad died but now it's all getting too much for me."

There was a significant pause and Zoe opened her eyes. "What is it that you're not telling me?"

"The other partners have sold out."

"Who to?" She held her breath.

"Jonas Ward. At least it isn't a stranger or an overseas consortium," her brother tried to convince her. "Being a local guy and a friend of ours I'm sure that he will see reason and not try to change things too much."

Zoe grimaced at the tight pain twisting in her stomach. Jonas Ward, who had taken her virginity and taught her all she knew about sex. He'd left her panting for more many a time. Her brother’s best friend who she'd dumped after she caught him with his pants down with another girl. Now he was back to lord it over her.

This was going to be the worst fucking Christmas out.

"So why do you need me then if it's already sold? It's not like our measly shares give us much in the way of control, is it?"

"One of the conditions of the sale is that all interested parties will be on the property working or the board will forfeit their share. He… um… is head of the board now. You'll be left with nothing if you don't come home."


"Sorry sis, I can't do anything. I told him you now worked in London and he had a dummy spit. Said if the farm meant anything to you it’s where you should be and what the hell were you doing in a foreign country anyway."

"He always was a bossy little brat. Doesn't sound like he's changed much." Zoe stood up and walked over to the window, pushing the curtain to one side. She looked down on the London traffic. Evening had set in and the lights on the vehicles sparkled below her. The surrounding roofs were blanketed with a thin layer of snow. It had just started to fall this morning and she was hoping that by the time the holidays came around it would be thick and fluffy on the ground. It would be the first December she hadn't gone somewhere else to evade the cold that settled in her bones. Everything had been looking just perfect for her first white Christmas until this phone call.

"You can't afford to let the board take your shares and distribute them to the rest of us. We all worked far too hard to build this business up. Besides that, it would be such a shame to let the parent’s legacy go to someone else." There was silence as Brandon waited for Zoe to speak.

"Fine. I'll have to sort something out here before I can leave. I'll see what I can do. My staff won't be happy, I can tell you that now but what choice do I have?" Zoe rubbed her fingertips into her temple. A throbbing headache started in the back of her skull and she knew why. "I'll call you when I have my flights organized."

"I'll pick you up at the airport. It will be good to have you home, .sis."

"Love you, Bran. Laters."

Zoe hung up the heat racing up her cheeks as the memories came rushing back. Jonas standing naked over her as she lay unashamedly nude in the hay, Her nipples budded and pushed against her satin and lace bra. She could still see his perfectly sculptured body bronze from working outside in the Australian outback sun.

The muscles that corded his lower belly were tight and smooth.

Zoe shifted to sit on her knees and reached up. She ran her finger tips along the small line of dark hair running from his belly button down to his very erect and ready cock. It jerked under her touch bringing a smile to her face.

"Stop teasing, Zoe," he gasped.

She smiled coyly at him before she lowered her head to his cock. With her tongue she traced around the head, nipping the soft skin with her teeth. Her hands slid up the back of his thighs and she cupped his butt cheeks in her palms. Tweaking the tight muscles she lowered her mouth and took him in.

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