Pakhan's Salvation (Pakhan Duet Book 2)

By: V.F. Mason

My love… you are gone and life is not the same without you. Days, nights, they’ve all turned into one long nightmare that has no end. I used to believe I lived in hell on earth, and in a way, I did. But the pain I experienced during my years of captivity can never equal that which aches inside my heart so fiercely that sometimes I struggle to breathe.

Memories of you surround me everywhere I go or look. The pillow still holds your smell, although I can no longer bury my nose in it and pretend you lie next to me. I tried sprinkling your perfume on it, but it isn't the same.

Nothing is the same without you.

Every day I have to make choices that send me deeper and deeper into a spiral of darkness from which there is no exit. My soul, tarnished to begin with, is shredded and nothing can bring it back together.

Last night, I destroyed all your clothes and all the paintings that remind me of you… not because I want to forget you, my love… but because I cannot stand having them instead of you.

I write this letter now, sitting in my office while another name popped up on my screen. Yes, I know you wouldn't want me to follow the path of revenge. But it’s the only path I know.

I truly believed I could live without happiness. I didn't need it, but as the saying goes, you don’t cry over something you never had.

But I did.

I had your love, and he took it away from me.

Forgive me for writing this to you, for expressing all my emotions and exposing my black heart. But these letters, the ability to talk with you as you are probably watching me from Heaven with a disapproving look, is the only thing that keeps me sane enough to function.

Sometimes I wish we hadn't met, because then I wouldn't have to learn to live in this world where you no longer exist. And yes, it feels almost like cheating, because you were the best part of my world.

My heart and body forever belong to you, Rosa. No woman will ever have what you did. The only regret I have? Not telling you how much I love you. Not whisking you away sooner so we could have more time. And not having your baby… maybe if I had a little bundle to take care of that reminded me you, I wouldn't slip into the oblivion of craziness.

But as I learned a long time ago, happiness is a privilege not everyone has.

I love you, krasavica.

I will always love you.

How could I not? My heart is forever buried with you.



Closing my eyes, I arched my back to give him better access to my neck as he nipped on the skin, leaving a burning, unfamiliar sensation all over me. My hands desperately tried to bring him closer, even though he already had me squashed between the door and his chest. His erection pressed into my core, and I whimpered in need, craving him deep inside me, although it was so wrong.

So, so wrong.

Lacing my hands through his hair, I tugged so he would lift his head and give me his expressive amber eyes that held so many secrets and a desire I could drown in. “What are you doing to me?”

Without answering, he captured my lips, demanding entrance. With a moan, I allowed it, his tongue seeking mine as we collided in a kiss so passionate and possessive my lungs hurt from lack of oxygen.

My hands trailed lower to his chest, where I felt the rapid beating of his heart. My fingers unbuttoned his shirt slowly, while he wrapped my legs around his waist, hiking my pink dress in the process so nothing separated us but my lacy underwear and his dress pants. He pushed forward, right against my clit, and I gasped into his mouth. My head fell back against the door, and I breathed in much needed air while he ripped my panties and unzipped his pants.

Biting my neck harshly, he murmured, “Mine.”

Not wanting to speak, because what we were doing was unacceptable on so many levels, I kissed him again as he entered me in one smooth move. I cried out as euphoric feelings spread through me. Thrusting to the hilt, he latched onto my nipple, sucking it harshly through the thin material of my dress while I hugged him closer, closer, as freaking close as I could.

“Dominic.” My raspy whisper stopped his movement as he tugged on my earlobe.

He whispered, “That’s how it feels to be owned by a man, krasavica.”

Lifting my hand to cup his cheek, my eyes registered the diamond engagement ring on my finger, and I froze as the cold reminder of reality slipped into our moment and shattered it into tiny little pieces.

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