Palm South University:Season 1

By: Kandi Steiner

PALM SOUTH UNIVERSITY. A small, private college tucked away in a shady haven right near the beach just south of Miami. When Mom and I took the tour around campus, I knew without a doubt this is where I wanted to be. The longboarding opportunities alone made me giddy, and the Bio-Med program sealed the deal. But now, standing next to my high school best friend staring up at a large house with Greek letters that mean absolutely nothing to me, I’m wondering if this was the right choice.

This campus is crawling with walking, talking Barbies.

“Are you sure we should do this?” I ask Paris, twirling a strand of my fiery red hair around my finger as she runs a small brush through hers. It isn’t even noon yet and we’ve already been getting curious looks from the other new members in our breakout group. Redheads are like unicorns, and seeing two of them attached at the hip like Paris and I are is always a mystical sight to anyone who’s not us. We’ve spent the past four years in high school trying to convince people that no, we aren’t sisters, and I had a feeling we’d be having that same conversation here. At this point, it might be easier to just nod and go along with it.

“Um, duh,” Paris says, rolling her eyes. “Why else did we come to college if not to live it up in a sorority? Hello,” she draws out the word and starts counting on her fingers. “Parties, boys, lavish events, boys, study groups, boys. Need I say more?” She pulls her long red locks over one shoulder, showing off her delicate collar bone. She’s always been extravagant, which aligns with her name perfectly. Her parents must have known what they were doing when they named their baby girl after the most fashion-savvy city in the world. Even now while most of the girls are in shorts and nice shirts trying to beat the Florida heat, she’s in a designer sun dress that’s only knee-length but I know is heavy enough to make her sweat. Yet somehow, she’s not.

I laugh at her comment, but shift uneasily. I was excited to rush, but judging by the girls we’ve met so far, I’m not sure the sorority life is for me. We’ve already visited the Zeta Pi Alphas and Delta Beta Gammas. To be honest, I can’t really recall anything specific about either because they were so much alike that they’re blurred together in my brain. Both of them were stocked with beautiful blondes and brunettes with exactly the same body build and no interest whatsoever in anything that doesn’t involve booze or boys. And don’t get me wrong – I like both – but college is more than just parties and dates to me. I’m going to be a doctor, and this is where my journey starts.

I open my mouth to voice my uncertainty, but before I have the chance I’m cut off by our group leader clapping her hands together.

“Okay!” she squeaks, her rosy cheeks and big green eyes bouncing along with the dark chocolate curls in her hair. “Kappa Kappa Beta is almost ready for us. After this, we’ll take a lunch break and meet up with the other new members before visiting the last two houses this afternoon. Any questions so far?” Silence. “Are you enjoying Spirit Day?!” Cheers. From everyone but me, that is. I just tuck my hair behind my ear.

Just as the screams die down, a cheer erupts from inside the house. All the potential new members, sans me, cheer back. After a few rounds of the cheering back and forth, a tall, long-legged girl steps outside. She’s beautiful – smooth, creamy skin and exotic features, almost like she stepped out of a tequila ad. Her smile reveals perfect teeth as she clasps her hands in front of her hips.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” she says, her voice polished and polite. “My name is Siomara and I’m the president of KKB. I know you’ve already been to two other houses today and you’re probably feeling pretty overwhelmed.” Some girls nod and Siomara smiles in return. “I hope you can relax a bit with us before lunch and just enjoy the conversation. Each of you is different. I know some of you will end up running home to other houses on this block, but some of you will soon be my sister. Regardless of which side of the coin you land on, I’m looking forward to getting to know you. And,” she adds, smiling wider. “I have forty-two other sisters who feel the same.”

Siomara steps to the side as the double doors open and reveal a group of equally beautiful girls dressed in various shades of teal and orange, Palm South’s school colors. Every girl is smiling, cheering, and clapping along with an upbeat pop song as we walk through the doors. A perky blonde steps up to me as I enter, smiling as she laces her arm around mine and leads me through the house to a room that I assume is normally a family room. There’s a large flat screen TV on the wall opposite a beige leather sectional and photos hung up all around the room. They’re all of sisters in various settings ranging from community events to the beach. The first thing I notice is that the girls in the photos all look different from one another – a stark contrast to the girls in the other houses we’ve been to this morning. It’s refreshing, and I feel myself relax a bit as the bouncy blonde guides me to have a seat at one end of the sectional.

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