Protecting His Forever(10)

By: LeAnn Ashers

“No,” Kane grounds out behind me. Shocked, I turn around ready to smack the shit out of him too.

“No?” I hiss.

“Yes, no. You’ll be in danger.” He stands and crosses his arms. My mouth falls down to the floor.

“Stay with me,” I hear Ethan say.

What the heck? Brae looks just as confused as I am and also a little scared.

“You can stay in the apartment in the basement,” he elaborates.

She turns to me, pleading with her eyes.

Sighing, I tell her, “You will be safer there. Ethan will protect you.”

Ethan gives her a winning smile when she sighs and agrees.

“Okay—” I start, but Ethan cuts me off.

“I’ll protect you with my life.” He takes a step toward her.

Braelyn hesitates, then as if she senses a safety with Ethan, she nods and smiles sweetly at him.


I stand in my doorway as Ethan drives off with Braelyn after Kane parks in a different place so Ethan can leave. Once they are out of sight, I step back into the house and close the door. It bounces off something and I hear a grunt. My eyes widen and I gasp as I pull the door open. Kane is standing there holding his hand. Grimacing I move closer to get a better look at his hand.

“Are you okay?” I hesitantly touch his hand. Turning it over I inspect his fingers. Running my finger over his, he winces and jerks back.

“Oh my God! I’m so sorry. Do you need me to take you to the doctor?” I rush out quickly. Kane grimaces dramatically and clutches his hand to his chest. Way to go Syd. You broke the man’s hand.

“What do you need me to do?” I plead with him. Guilt swarms through me after all he did for you. You repay him back by breaking his hand in the door.

“You can go on a date with me this Friday night.” His voice void of emotion but his eyes show his amusement.

“Huh?” I stare at him like he’s grown two heads.

His injured thumb brushes over my cheek bone, and butterflies swarm my belly. Shuttering I bite my lip to control my reaction. “This Friday night, be ready. I’ll be here to pick you up at 7,” he tells me in a low voice and then steps away from me and down the steps.

I stand frozen in shock for a few seconds. Did he just play me? He just fucking played me!

“I’m going to kill you!” I yell after him.

He gives me a smirk and chuckles slightly. “You heard me, baby. Dress casual.” He winks and climbs into his truck. My mouth opens and closes many times not knowing what to say. He starts his truck and is gone before I can refuse. Holy hell. Slapping my hand against my face, I walk into my house and collapse against my door.

Chapter Four

Climbing out of my car, I hear my mother yell, “Oh, my baby!

"Hey, Mom.” I walk up the steps. She all but runs toward me and tackles me into a hug. My mom is a hugger—big time. She grabs my cheeks and squishes them together. “You look so cute!”

“Thanks, but I’m still mad about the whole hospital incident,” I huff and walk in the house. I catch her grin from the corner of my eye. I haven’t left the house since I left the hospital. I wanted to be alone and my mom respected that.

My mom is unbelievably beautiful. She has dark brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and freckles covering her nose and cheeks. My mom could pass as my sister. She had kids young—just barely eighteen when she had Ethan. We never knew our dad, and she won’t talk about him no matter how much I beg. We didn’t have much growing up, but we had each other and moved every six months until I was a freshman in high school when we finally made Raleigh, Texas our home.

She laughs as she leads me into the kitchen.

“Ha-ha, laugh it up, Mom.”

“Oh come on, baby. That was a good prank.” She gives me a huge smile before wiping her tears away.

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