Red Velvet Kisses

By: Sherelle Green

Love is the one event that can never be planned…

Meeting gorgeous Micah Madden while lingerie shopping leaves event planner Lexus Turner embarrassed yet intrigued. The charismatic security expert awakens a sensual side that Lex had put on hold ever since her first marriage imploded. Only a man like Micah could make her feel this good, which is why she is determined to keep her distance.

Sweet, shy and sexier than she knows…Lex is driving Micah crazy. Hiring her firm to plan a family party, he sets out to uncover all the tantalizing passion behind her buttoned-up facade. But getting through to Lex is harder than he thought. And Micah will have to open up in ways the reformed rebel never dared before to show Lex how deliciously satisfying a real love between them could be….

“Remember what you said during the drinking game?” Micah asked, noticing a cute little brown freckle on her nose that he hadn’t seen before.

“During Never Have I Ever?” she asked breathlessly.

“Yes,” he said. “Don’t think, just do.”

She searched his eyes before dropping her gaze to his lips. She leaned in a couple more centimeters.

That’s close enough, Micah thought as he crashed his lips to hers. He expected her to be surprised, but instead, her hands went around his neck as she softly moaned into his mouth. She tasted just like he’d imagined she would…sweet and tangy with a hint of wine and tequila from the game they’d been playing.

He probed her mouth open even further and slipped his tongue deeper inside when she parted her lips more. She moaned softly into his mouth and gripped his neck even tighter, lightly massaging the back of his head as she did so. The seductive way she moved her hands just made him want to kiss her harder…longer…until they were both breathless and craving for oxygen. What was it about this woman that pushed him to the brink of insanity? He’d never been this intrigued by a woman before, nor had he enjoyed a kiss quite like this.


“To buy or not to buy,” Lexus Turner said to herself as she admired the pleated lilac babydoll in her hand. She’d been in Bare Sophistication lingerie boutique for over thirty minutes and had yet to find something sexy to purchase. Earlier that morning, she had listened to an audiobook of a female motivational speaker who stressed the importance of feeling and looking good. Lexus didn’t have a special someone in her life, but she was tired of the frumpy, yet comfortable, undies she often wore.

Would this even cover anything? she thought to herself as she observed the uncomfortable-looking tiny silk thong that accompanied the babydoll. She then pulled out the silk G-string placed next to the thong. Now this I like. She may have been contradicting herself by disliking the thong yet liking the G-string, but to her there was a big difference. The couple times she’d worn a G-string, she felt as if she was wearing nothing at all. The one and only day she wore a thong, she’d felt as if something was stuck between her butt cheeks all day. That feeling had caused her to not-so-discreetly adjust herself by shaking her leg as she walked.

She looked through the rack at the other lilac panty options. “Oh, now this is different,” she said as she held up a panty with a slit in the middle for easy access to her feminine treasures. She could only imagine all the naughty things one could do in a silky lace boyshort with a slit in the center of the panty. It was attached by intertwining ribbons on each side adding to her visual imagination.

“Oh, yes, I love this,” she said aloud as she paired the silky lace boyshort with the pleated lilac babydoll. “Perfect match.”

“I think you settled on a great set,” a deep voice said behind her. Startled, Lexus turned around quicker than anticipated, running right into the solid chest of the man with the low timbre voice. She jumped back from the intensity of the direct contact and misjudged her steps. The oversight of the large rack caused her to trip over her feet and sent her tumbling right into a pair of powerful bronzed arms.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said as he helped her regain her balance.

Lexus tried to speak, but she couldn’t formulate any words. The man looked tastier than the tiramisu she’d sampled earlier at a local coffee shop. His eyes were chestnut brown with gray specs sprinkled in the coloring. And from what she could tell by the outline of his clothes, he had the body of a god. She was pretty sure she was drooling, which probably didn’t look sexy at all.

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