Redemption (Forgiven Series)(4)

By: Rebecca Brooke

I looked over at Caleb. His skin was ashen, with beads of sweat forming on his brow. His appearance, along with the fact that he kept swallowing and checking his watch, made it pretty obvious that he was nervous. “Dude, you better get it together or she’s going to figure out something’s up,” I whispered.

“I know, I’m trying,” he whispered back.

Just then my cell beeped.

Emily: Here

Me: Be down in a sec

“Em’s here. I gotta go.”

Caleb looked up, taking deep breaths. “Okay, the bags are behind the couch.”

“Got it, I’ll see you when you get there.” I got up and started to move to the door, stopping in front of him. “Remember… calm the fuck down.”

Caleb nodded once. I was worried about how he was handling the pressure. Grabbing the bags, I walked out to Emily’s waiting car.

Emily was beautiful. With long brown hair and blues eyes she was most guys’ wet dream, at least until she opened her mouth. She was awesome and we’d been friends since freshman year, but she also scared the shit out of me when she was pissed off. That kind of volatile personality in a girl is uncommon and consequently most people did whatever they could to make her happy. She knew this and used it to her advantage.

“Hey, Em, you have everything for tonight?” I asked, watching her practically bounce around in her seat she was so excited.

“Yes! I can’t wait for Angie to get there. I know she’s never had a birthday like this before. Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs are awesome for doing this.” Caleb’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs, loved Angie as much as one of their own kids. Knowing that her mother had left when she was little and that her father was a drunk, the Jacobs’ decided that Angie deserved a birthday party for her twenty-first birthday.

I rolled my eyes. It was a good thing Angie lived with us now because Emily would’ve totally given the surprise away. Her phone went off before we had the chance to pull out of the lot. She grabbed for it, responding to the text. “Any day now,” I taunted.

She shot me a look that let me know that it was time to leave her alone for a few minutes, or she was going to leave me on the side of the road. She put the car in drive and we headed off.

We drove in silence until she pulled up outside of Andrew’s apartment, surprising me. Andrew Bentley and Nick Thompson were friends of ours from the football team. Nick had a thing for Angie last year, which caused a lot of problems between him and Caleb. It was a long story, but at one point they came to blows and Caleb actually broke Nick’s nose. Their friendship hadn’t been the same since. Andrew on the other hand had his sights set on Emily, until he finally got the nerve to ask her out. They had this on again and off again thing going on. No one knew what the hell was going on with them and it hurt my head to try and keep up.

“What are we doing here?” I asked cautiously, not wanting to piss her off anymore.

She sighed. “We need to pick up Andrew and Nick,” she said as she sent them a text letting them know we were outside.

I looked over at her. “What’s up with you two anyway?”

“I guess that depends on what day of the week it is. Some days things are perfect but others he acts like he doesn’t want to know me. I really like him, and he’s hot as hell, but I’m really getting sick of the shit.”

I wondered what his problem was. Who wouldn’t want Emily? If I didn’t see her as a sister I sure as hell would. Then again, Emily was looking for a relationship, whereas I only wanted the one-night screw.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed. “He’ll figure it out soon enough.”

She just shook her head with a sad look in her eyes. “I hope so. I’m not sure how much longer I can put up with this.”

“Have you tried talking to him?” I asked. I had a feeling Emily cared about Andrew more than she was letting on.

“No. I can’t seem to get the nerve to ask him where this is going,” she sighed.

I almost laughed, but I liked my balls attached to my body. “Really, Em? You’re not scared of anyone, and you certainly have no problem telling someone how you feel when you’re pissed off. So why now?”

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