Redemption (Forgiven Series)(5)

By: Rebecca Brooke

“I don’t know.” She turned away from me and stared out the window. “I guess I don’t want him to tell me that he sees this as just sex.”

“Em, look at me.” I said waiting for her to turn. “The Em I know isn’t afraid of anything, so why don’t you talk to him tonight. What do you have to lose?” I covered her hand with mine.

She watched me and nodded her head. Finally, Nick came bounding down the stairs and jumped in the backseat.

I turned around. “Hey, bro, you ready for this?”

He smiled. “Hell yeah. Who doesn’t love a good party with free booze.”

I turned back around, thanking my lucky stars that Nick and Caleb had finally gotten over all of the shit with Angie. We were all friends and I was tired of breaking up the fights between the two of them. When Nick realized how much Angie loved Caleb and how much Caleb loved Angie, he backed off. I doubt things would ever go back to the way they were, but at least there were no more punches being thrown.

Andrew came down a few minutes later. After he got in the car he leaned forward to try and give Emily a kiss, but she wasn’t having any of it.

“Babe, what’s wrong?” Andrew seemed oblivious to the tension in the car. I caught Emily’s eye and the way her jaw set had me nervous. I tensed and waited for the shit to hit the fan.

“Oh, today I’m babe?” She stopped and shook her head. “No, you know what… we can talk about this later. Tonight is my best friend’s twenty-first birthday and I’m not going to let our issues ruin it. “

Ah, there was the Emily I knew. I looked over and she winked at me. Hopefully she would just talk to him and put us all out of our misery.

Andrew started to open his mouth to respond but Nick shook his head. I prayed he took Nick’s advice. The last thing he wanted to do now was get Emily all riled up when she was already in a mood. Thankfully, he decided to sit there and shut up.

It took about ten minutes to get to the Statler Hotel where Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs always stayed when they were in town. Emily pulled in to valet the car so we didn’t have to carry the bags from the parking lot. Caleb’s parents had reserved them a room, knowing they probably wouldn’t want to have to worry about driving home.

I glanced over to Emily who still looked irritated as hell. “Hey, Em, I need to find Caleb’s parents to get the key to the room. I want to unload their bags now so I don’t have to worry about it later.”

She nodded. “All right, let’s head to the lounge. They should be there waiting for us.”

We moved through the front door and down the hall to the party. Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs were there, taking care of all of the last minutes arrangements before the rest of the guests started showing up. Mrs. Jacobs pulled me into a hug. “Josh, how are you doing? It’s been too long since we’ve seen you.”

I hugged her back. “Everything’s good, just trying to keep up with my classes. Luckily I have Angie and Emily in one of my classes this semester, so they make sure I get everything done.”

Emily laughed from behind me. “Of course we do.”

Mrs. Jacobs let go of me and turned to hug Emily. “Emily, you look beautiful.”

It was the first time I’d really looked at Emily’s outfit. She was wearing a dark pink dress with a deep v at the neck. No wonder Andrew was being so clingy. He better get his shit together because I wasn’t gonna stand by and let him use her for a quick fuck. She was too good for that. If that’s all he was after then, friend or not, we would need to chat real soon.

I looked back to Caleb’s mom. “Mrs. Jacobs, do you have the key card to Caleb and Angie’s room? I want to get their stuff upstairs before everyone shows up.”

“How many times do I have to tell you call me Claire?” She shook her head in mock censure and pulled the key out of her purse.

I smiled as I took the card from her hand. “Thank you, Claire. I’ll be back down in a few minutes.”

I turned and left to head up to the room. Caleb wanted me to make sure there was a bottle of champagne ready for when they came upstairs, plus he wanted the red roses he put in the bag spread across the bed. Fucking romantic, but I couldn’t blame him. He was one lucky son of a bitch for finding and keeping Angie—even after all of the stupid shit he’d pulled.

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