Redemption (Forgiven Series)(8)

By: Rebecca Brooke

She seemed flustered but I had a feeling she was doing it on purpose. “Oh, sorry. Josh, this is Lauren Pierce. Lauren, this Josh Walker, Caleb’s roommate and best friend,” Emily said pointing at each of us in turn.

I gave her my most charming smile before reaching out my hand. “Nice to meet you, Lauren.”

It took her a few seconds to respond, but when she did her smile lit up her face and my dick stood to attention. “Likewise, Josh.”

I listened to their conversation continue for a few minutes. They were talking about the class they shared. Apparently, Lauren was taking a history class with Emily and Angie. I knew they were both history majors, but I wasn’t sure about Lauren. If wanted to know more about her, I’d have to get her away from the group. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Caleb lead Angie to the dance floor.

I turned to Lauren. “Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” she answered with a smile.

I took her hand and led her out to the dance floor, wanting to be as close to her as possible, but also to be there first hand when Caleb grew a set of balls and asked Angie to marry him. When we reached the dance floor I pulled Lauren into me where she immediately wrapped her arms around my neck and began to move to the music. I was surprised at how well we moved. It was as if we’d been dancing together forever.

She smelled incredible and I just wanted to be closer to her. When the song finished I kept my arms wrapped around her, moving us into the next song. When I realized it was “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias I knew that the time had come for Caleb to put his plan into action. Luckily, Lauren didn’t seem like she wanted to move from my arms and we continued to sway to the music. I leaned down to whisper in her ear, “You smell amazing.”

I heard her gasp and she pulled back to look me in the eyes. I could see the desire in them. God, how I just wanted to take this girl out of here and back to my empty apartment.

I caught Caleb dancing with Angie and looked over in his direction. What the fuck was he waiting for, an engraved invitation? I gave him a discreet thumbs up behind Lauren’s back. He took a deep breath and nodded at me. He reached into his pocket. Stepping away from Angie, he dropped to one knee.

The DJ realized what was happening and lowered the music so Caleb could be heard. I stopped dancing to watch. Lauren turned and when she realized what was happening she brought her hand up to cover her mouth. Emily was doing the same thing across the dance floor with tears forming in her eyes. At least she had finally talked to Andrew and they were dancing.

I looked back to Caleb and Angie just as he pulled the ring from its box and held it out to her. “Angelina Powers, will you marry me?”

The tears streamed down Angie’s face as her smile slowly broke through. “Yes, Caleb. Yes, I will marry you.”

The cheering around us was deafening, as Caleb slid the ring on Angie’s finger and pulled her back into him. I was so happy for them. After all the shit they’d been through, they deserved to be happy. I turned back to Lauren and held my hand out. All I wanted was to feel her body up against mine again. She took my hand and moved back into my arms.

Maybe this night was going to get even better.

The party was tonight and there was no way I was going to let that stupid asshole ruin my night. Morgan sat on my bed watching me get ready.

“Are you sure you want to go?” she asked cautiously.

“Absolutely. There is no way I’m letting him ruin my night. Besides, he wasn’t even friends with any of them. He was only going for me.” I shrugged.

She shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah, but everyone is going to know…”

“And?” I turned back to my closet to finish getting ready. “He’s the asshole for cheating on me with Jessica.” Pulling out a long sleeve, red wrap dress, I held it up for Morgan’s approval.

She looked at it for a moment. “Put it on, I can’t tell.” I stepped out of my clothes and threw on the dress. The minute I turned around, Morgan shrieked, “Oh my God! You look amazing. If Ryan gets wind of what you look like tonight, he’s going to regret cheating on you even more!”

I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Thanks… I think?”

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