By: Skye Jordan

She knew she needed to look away. But something about his gaze challenged her to watch as the women rubbed all over him. One kissed his neck and combed her hand through his long, dark waves. The other knelt between his spread thighs, unbuttoning his shirt, and following the open path with her mouth.

And they did it all while he watched Giselle.

Why did she find that so…electrifying?

She finished her second glass of wine and spoke to the shadow server when she returned with a third. “Can I get something else, please?”

“Of course.” She crouched to Giselle's level and smiled, instantly turning from an elusive slave-like figure to a real woman. The sight helped Giselle relax. “What would you like?”

“A snakebite?” She was ridiculously off the wagon, but if there was ever a time she needed a little Dutch courage, tonight was the night. “Guinness and cider?”

“Absolutely,” she said softly. “One of my favorites.”

“Thank you.”

The woman moved gracefully around the guests and out of the salon. And when Giselle's gaze paused in the devil's vicinity, she found him pushing from his seat, his long muscled body stretching to its glorious full height-his gaze purposefully on hers.

Her stomach grew wings and fluttered, making her a little nauseated. What would she say if he approached her? What if he recognized her?

But her distress was wasted. He simply wrapped his arms around the women he was with and led them toward the lobby…and the various themed sex rooms beyond.

A mixture of disappointment and relief expanded in her gut. This was really for the best because Giselle wasn't just out of her league here, she was out of her sport. Normally, she was ultraconfident. Her childhood hopscotching through foster homes had forced her to speak up for herself. Her adulthood living her life in front of fans and cameras had honed her independence into a buoyant persona that had served her well in her career.

But after Troy, sex became one of those neglected areas of her life. The one she never had time for. The one that nobody tempted her to explore. And one that carried a certain amount of risk as her success grew. Now, sitting at the center of a hedonistic jungle, that self-assured woman dissipated into someone who was more nervous than in control.

So she did what she always did when she found herself in an uncomfortable position-she pretended, something every neglected child excelled at.

She returned her attention to the stage where the male performer flipped the woman onto her belly, guided his cock between her legs, and pounded her from behind. Giselle watched the full length of his impressive cock slam into the woman over and over, each thrust eliciting dual cries of ecstasy.

Her belly squeezed into a ball of desire. But this was a dark desire. A needier, greedier desire she rarely experienced. One that turned her on in a very unique way. And, dammit, she wasn't here to get turned on. She was here to learn how to perform so that others got turned on when they watched her.

She forced her gaze to the audience, searching for reactions, for…something…that would give her help figuring out how to turn people on from the stage. Which was ironic considering how much of her life she currently spent on stage entertaining thousands. But she only found clusters of people mauling each other. The open display of foreplay en masse short-circuited her sexual connections. Her body experienced overload-overload with no outlet.

This had been a lousy idea on Chad's part. She should have gone to a strip club. There she could at least watch the way women danced to please the customers. But she couldn't very well just stroll into one of those. Maybe she'd rent a few videos. But, what kind of videos would give her what she needed? What she really needed was practice. And just how in the hell would she manage that?

With another shift of her crossed legs, she let out a breath and glanced to her right, searching for the waitress. She was done here. She'd just pound her snakebite, wander back to her suite and pass out.

“Your drink.” The smooth, deep male voice came from her left, and Giselle startled, cutting her gaze that direction. Only to find herself eye to eye with the devil. Her belly quaked, then floated.

“Oh shit.” She laughed the words, covering her heart with her hand. “You scared me.”

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