Resisting the Hero:An Accidentally in Love Novel(3)

By: Cindi Madsen

And coming back had just brought up all the memories she wasn’t ready to face.

Connor watched the short, curvy blonde walk away from him and Kaleb. “That’s your sister? She’s dramatic. And kind of a—”

“Don’t finish that.” Kaleb smacked the back of Connor’s head. “And stop checking out her ass.”

Connor took one last glance. When he’d seen Faith walk into the bar, he couldn’t look away. A moment before, he and Sullivan had been in a friendly argument over the tall brunette across the bar—Sullivan thought she was eyeing him, when she was clearly flirting with Connor. But then Faith had come in, and he was out of his seat before any of the other guys could hit on her. He hadn’t expected her to be so damn prickly. As she’d been yelling, though, he’d had the strangest urge to kiss her so she’d shut up. Well, and so he could kiss her. But there were plenty of other girls out there—no way he’d want to deal with that emotional hurricane.

Although, it was kind of fun getting a rise out of her. In fact, it was the least bored he’d been with a woman in a while, which was sad but true. And for all her talk, she was about to be putty in his hands before her brother showed up.

Kaleb cleared his throat.

Connor slowly pulled his gaze off Faith and shook his fuzzy head. “Give me a break—I’m drunk.”

“Just go point your wasted self at someone else. She’s already pissed off and going to be impossible to deal with. I don’t need you adding to the mess.”

Connor raised his hands, palms up. “I got it. Leave your sister alone. Now, let’s go get another drink.” Whether Faith liked it or not, they were celebrating. And they were heroes. The training had been killer—obstacle courses, shooting drills, sleep deprivation—and they’d survived. Together. Kaleb was one of his best friends, and his wife, Anna, was cool, too, which was why he liked hanging at their place so much—their house felt like his second home. As chill as Anna usually was, though, Connor could tell she hadn’t been thrilled about the SWAT thing, either.

Just another reason why he was in no hurry to settle down.

Faith slid into the back booth where Anna was seated. The table hid the bottom half of her belly, but the top was clearly rounded, and her sister-in-law had that pregnant-lady-glow people talked about.

Faith glanced out at the rowdy sea of guys filling the bar and then back at Anna. “I don’t want to stress you out, but how are you not freaking out about Kaleb doing this?”

Anna shrugged. “I wasn’t exactly happy about it at first, but we discussed all the pros and cons and why he wanted to do it. Plus, I’ve had longer than a day to process it. I told him to tell you earlier, and even thought about doing so myself, but I didn’t want to get in the middle of it.”

Faith gritted her teeth. Of course Kaleb had waited to tell her, because he’d known how upset she’d be. She and Kaleb were both stubborn, and they’d fought plenty growing up. But they were also close, and if anyone messed with her, he made sure it never happened again. He’d always taken care of her, and even let her boss him around a bit. Too bad he’d grown out of that, because she’d really like to force him to change careers.

Faith picked up the flip chart on the table with all the drinks and started turning the pages without really looking at the brews it bragged about. “If anything bad goes down, he’s now the first line of defense. That’s got to worry you at least a little.”

“Of course it does. But I’ve never seen him so happy. He’s proud that he made it through. I’m proud of him, too.”

Faith reached the end of the drink menu and then shoved it aside. “If it were the guy I loved…I couldn’t do it.”

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