Resisting the Hero:An Accidentally in Love Novel(5)

By: Cindi Madsen

The big, puppy dog eyes he flashed at her made it impossible to stay mad. At him, anyway. She caught sight of Connor seated at the bar, and decided to aim all her anger his way. At least then she’d have someone to blame.

“I’ll try. That’s the best I can do right now.” Faith rolled her neck from side to side, still stiff and tired from her day. “How long do we have to stay and watch all the cavemen congratulate themselves?”

Kaleb laughed. “We can go home right now.” He looked at Anna, who nodded, and then they got up and started out of the bar.

Faith swore she could feel someone looking at her, so she glanced over her shoulder.

Connor was staring right at her. He raised his beer and winked.

What a conceited—

Faith ran right into the open door.

It was the kind of move that’s impossible to hide, where you grasp for something to keep you up and only get air. She finally got control of her body and focused on stepping around the door this time. Right before it closed, she caught sight of Connor, still staring.

And judging from the smug grin on his face, he’d definitely enjoyed the show.

Connor smiled into his beer. That girl put on a good act, but she was attracted to him—so much so, she ran right into the door. A quick swirl of his bottle and then he tipped it up and downed the rest of its contents. Sure, he’d originally thought he should avoid her, but her fiery personality had him wanting another chance to mess with her. Faith was a challenge wrapped in a hot body, and that happened to be his favorite type of challenge.

“Hey,” a twiggy brunette breathed more than said at him as she settled onto the stool next to him.

Connor flashed his signature make-the-ladies-crazy half smile. “Hey.”

She giggled. Then stared at him, blinking her brown, bloodshot eyes. Apparently he was supposed to come up with the conversation. He glanced toward the door, which was stupid, because Kaleb’s little sister had left.

Ugh. She was his best friend’s sister. Probably a bad idea—no, definitely a bad idea.

Of course, he specialized in bad ideas. He thought about when she’d stumbled into him and the little gasp noise she’d made. How her curves felt against his body, and the heat that had wound through his veins and was rising up again at the memory.

“…Sarah. And you are?” The brunette was leaning close. Her hand was on his knee. Did she say her name was Sarah? She was pretty. Maybe a little boring, which hadn’t ever concerned him all that much before, but lately, didn’t even seem worth the minimal effort. It’d been a while, though. Long by his usual standards.

“Connor,” he said when he realized she was still waiting for his name. More giggling. Her hand slid a little higher.

Time to make a decision. Which bad idea was he going to go for tonight?

Chapter Two

Connor felt the bed shift. He could feel the steady stare, but he didn’t open his own eyes—he barely breathed, not wanting to give away the fact that he was awake. He wondered how long it’d take until she gave up on him and left the bed. He was too hung over to deal with it.

A wet tongue dragged across his face.

The bark that followed was so loud it made his ears ring. Then came more licking.

He shoved his dog’s face away, groaning as the bright light pierced his eyeballs. “Fine, I’m up. I’m up.”

Connor’s two-year-old German shepherd sat there breathing on him, because she’d figured out if she took off too soon he’d just go back to sleep and she’d have to wake him up all over again. This was one of the reasons he’d turned down the offer from the brunette girl at the bar last night. He already had a needy girl at home.

Okay, that wasn’t the only reason. He’d thought that after going through training, after accomplishing another step in his desired career path, he’d get back to feeling like himself. But he still felt like something deeper was missing from his life. Hell, he’d even considered letting his friends Wes and Dani set him up a few months back, to see if he could try a serious relationship again. But that’d fallen through, and he’d told himself he was relieved.

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