Resisting the Hero:An Accidentally in Love Novel(9)

By: Cindi Madsen

It should be illegal for guys to be that good-looking. She’d always gone for the wrong kind of guys, and her heart had the scars to prove it. But this last time, she really had learned her lesson. From now on, she was choosing sweet, humble guys. No exceptions. And definitely no guys who looked or acted like Connor.

“I was just about to call for you,” Anna said, glancing her way. “Dinner’s all but ready. Kaleb, can you grab the plates for me?” They disappeared into the kitchen. Ella was crashed on the couch after a long day of playing hard and loud, her blond curls covering most of her face, somehow able to sleep through the talking and the sound of plates and cupboard doors banging.

Connor stepped toward Faith, and she had the irrational urge to bolt in the other direction. Or maybe it was rational. He could pick her up and break her in half, after all. “You ran off this morning before I could—”

“Talk about the giant mark on my face?” she asked, crossing her arms.

He grinned. “No, I believe I covered that. But we could talk about it more if you want.”

She tilted her head. “Ha ha.” Her shoulders tensed, her guard rising from him being so close. She needed to control this situation. Show she absolutely wasn’t interested.

“Don’t feel bad. Happens all the time when girls look at me, actually.” He took another step toward her and lowered his voice. “What I’m trying to say is I was pretty drunk last night, and sometimes when I’m drunk I act a little stupid.”

“So what’s your excuse right now?” She figured the bitchier she was, the sooner he’d see she was more trouble than he wanted. Might as well nip it in the bud now, especially with how inescapable he was apparently going to be.

His gray, nearly translucent eyes lit up as a smile stretched across his lips. “I guess I’m just so stunned by your beauty.”

She shook her head. “Back when I was young and naive, I might’ve fallen for a guy like you. But I’m smarter now, so go try your lines on someone else.”

“But you’re the only one here.”

She started around him but he held out his arm, blocking her path. “And even if this room were filled with women, I’d still flirt with you. Just so you know.”

She worked to keep her voice even—bored, almost. “Well, just so you know, I don’t fall for lines, and it takes more than good looks to impress me.”

“So you think I’m good-looking.” He reached out and flicked the ends of her hair, the same way he had last night. “It’s big of you to finally admit it.”

Irritation wound through her, tightening the spot between her shoulders. “I think you’re the most frustrating person I’ve ever met. I’m still mad you talked my brother into something stupid, and then you think you can just come in here and hit on me?”

“I was trying to apologize for last night. But now that you mention the hitting on you thing…” He gave a casual shrug. “I could probably get down with that.”

“You’re an ass.”

“And you have a nice ass.”

Faith stared back at him, her jaw clenched. She was wrong. She’d never dealt with this kind of guy before. He was a whole new level of cocky jerk.

“Are you guys coming?” Anna asked, sticking her head out the archway of the kitchen.

Connor gestured Faith ahead of him. He put his hand on her back as they started to walk toward the dining room and she slapped it away.

She heard his low chuckle behind her, and she wondered if Kaleb would be mad or proud if she turned around and decked the guy. Why was her brother even friends with him?

As soon as she sat down, Connor scooted his chair right next to hers. She shook her head, doing her best to ignore his hulking presence as they passed around the food.

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