Revealed:Brides of the Kindred(168)

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Well, if you’re still getting something from the left, I supposed I’d better take the right.” Swiftly, Draven cupped the sweating cheek and dug the tip of his thumb into the prisoner’s right eye. There was a feeling of pressure and then a soft pop as his thumb pressed through into the warm, wet, jelly-filled socket.

The Tranq Prime male howled in agony and jerked, trying to get free. White goo leaked from the socket and the ruined right eye lay on his cheek like a crushed grape. A blue grape, Draven thought with satisfaction as he withdrew his thumb and wiped it fastidiously on a napkin handed to him by the imp.

“I think our business is done,” he said, nodding at the trolls. “Take our prisoner back to his ship and let him go. We’ll see how well he does flying blind.”

The trolls dragged the Tranq Prime male away, still blubbering and the imp shut the door behind them. Draven picked up his jeweled cup and took another sip of the smooth purple Varian milk. He really had to think of some way to find out who that original star duster had belonged to. Either that or find the Trissian pirate who had scanned it. If he was going to attack and despoil all the Kindred worlds in one fell blow, he had to have that wormhole generator technology.

“All good things to those who wait,” he murmured thoughtfully. “But I won’t be willing to wait much longer, Counselor . I have a debt to pay—one that’s been collecting interest for a thousand years.

To be continued…

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