Royal Chase(121)

By: Sariah Wilson

I did.

I even let him put the ring on me. And, not surprisingly, it fit.

“How do you feel, Princess Lemon?”

I looked at my lemon diamond engagement ring in the moonlight, and then I looked at the handsome, wonderful, amazing man next to me who would be my husband. I put a hand on the side of his face.

“I feel happier than a tick on a fat dog.”

“And that’s a good thing?” he asked.

I laughed, and was so happy that I would spend the rest of my life loving and laughing with him.

“Yes, darlin’. That’s a very good thing.”


I know that there are so many ways that you could choose to spend what little free time you have, and I am beyond grateful that you chose to spend it with Dante and Lemon.

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I have to begin by thanking Kindle Scout/Kindle Press, the Kindle Scout team, and most especially Caroline Carr, for going above and beyond for me. This book exists because of your actions behind the scenes.

Very special thanks to Anh Schluep, for calling me the day before my birthday and making a decades-long dream come true by offering me a publishing contract to write romance. I will always be grateful for that, and I’m still screaming on the inside. Thank you to Chris Werner for jumping onboard and taking care of everything.

Thank you to the Montlake team, to Susan, Marlene, and Jessica, for all your hard work in bringing Monterra to the rest of the world. Thanks to my developmental editor, Melody Guy, for helping me to explain what I meant to say but didn’t, and for leaving LOLs in the margin, reassuring me that I’d made at least one person laugh. Thank you to Montreux Rotholtz and Jessica Fogleman for cleaning up all my grammatical messes and to Kerrie Robertson for the cover. My little sister, Charity Byrd, must be thanked for reading this book before anyone else in the world did, and for letting me know what she liked and what she didn’t.

Thank you to the lights of my life, my four children, who are growing faster than I would like and who are becoming far too independent. Thank you for thinking that being a writer is no big deal and always keeping me grounded, and for filling my heart with so much joy.

And I always save the best for last—my love and thanks to my husband, Kevin, who supports me and loves me and makes this journey through life worthwhile. When people tell me that no fictional hero could actually be so nice, so charming, so smart, so handsome, or so loving in real life, I only have to look at you to know that they’re wrong.

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