Shadow:The Hoods MC(10)

By: Heather West

"Liked that, did you?" he whispered, his breath hot on my ear.

I nodded, unable to prevent myself from moving my hips in time to meet his thrusts.

Shadow yanked and twisted my nipples more, I gasped. He grunted and I knew he wasn't pleased… or maybe he was happy he'd broken me because his hands went to my hips, and he fucked me so hard and deep with his cock; I came hard. My muscles squeezed and massaged his cock as waves of pleasure flooded throughout my body. He continued to pump deeper, harder, faster… to the point that I actually wanted to ask him to stop.

But then I felt warm wetness. He was coming again, this time inside of me.

And I didn't even care.

When he pulled out, I collapsed onto the bed, letting my head rest on my arms. I was sexually sated, even though my muscles were sore all over, and I had a bed to sleep in for the night.

Life wasn't so bad after all.

Chapter Four


Morning came and I woke first. Stretching my arms and almost hitting the person beside me; Allie. It was so strange to be lying here, next to her, just as things used to be, back when we were together and life had been, well, better than it was now. Sometimes, I felt like I was a coil, wrapped up too tight, ready to spring free at any second. No, a firecracker ready to explode. I'd blow up, and the world would be without me.

Would Allie mourn me if I died?

No, not Allie. Sky.

She looked so peaceful there, sleeping, her light brown hair fanning around her face. I couldn't help moving it back. Her cheekbones were more prominent than I remembered, probably because of the weight she'd lost. She needed some fattening up, to fill out her muscles. Her tits hadn't felt quite as full and firm as they normally did.

There were other things I'd noticed last night, other differences. Her eyes, for one thing. She looked terrified half of the time, ready to bolt. But some things hadn’t changed, like when she made up her mind to accept my terms. Her eyes had glittered, just like they always had when she desired me, when she wanted me.

A part of Allie still existed inside the woman sleeping beside me. Even if she didn't remember me, her body still responded to me in the same way. I still knew all the ways to make her squirm, insane with need and desire . She'd surprised me by being as quiet as she had. Allie had a set of lungs on her. Maybe next time, my goal should be to see how many times I can make her scream.

No! There couldn't be a next time. There was no us. This was just a one-time deal; one last fuck, just for old time sake. I'd send her on her way when she woke up. How could I have let her get under my skin again? Maybe these masochistic tendencies never really go away. Was I more repulsed by her or by myself? She didn't know any better. She didn't know anything about me or our past, but I knew everything. I'd never forgotten a second of our time together. Allie had broken my heart, and I swore I'd never have anything to do with her again.

Saving her hadn't crossed the line, but convincing her to sleep with me, that definitely was. Damn it all to hell. How could I allow my fucking cock to mess with my head so much that I would practically drag her—albeit willingly—to my bed?

I was weak. I refused to allow her to get to me. Not this time. Never again. She had to go and the sooner, the better.

She stirred and stretched, and I stilled, not wanting her to wake but also wanting to see her eyes again. A disease, yes, that's exactly what she was. A sickness I had to purge from my body. Maybe this time had been the last, and I could send her off and not worry about her anymore. Be free of her, finally.

Her eyes opened. There was the initial fright and alarm as she glanced around, momentarily forgetting where she was, but when she saw me lying next to her, staring back, some of her anxiety melted away.

Seeing that churned my stomach, and my appetite evaporated.

"That was…" She trailed off, glancing away, as if shy.

Mind blowing. After all, I had given her a pounding far better than she deserved. Actually spilling my seed inside her.

The sex, yeah, of course, I had intended that, obviously, but us sleeping together in the same bed? Not a chance in hell. I'd meant to put her in Acer's room. He was out of town for the next two weeks, and he wouldn't have minded. Plus, his room was next door, and if I had woken up, I could've just gone over and taken her again.

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