Shadow:The Hoods MC(4)

By: Heather West

Her head jerked around, her eyes wild with terror.

The man grabbing her stared at me too, hatred twisting his features. He wasn't a good-looking guy, and his sneer made him downright ugly. "I saw her first."

"You better fucking leave her the hell alone." I yanked on her shirt so hard she stumbled backward, half falling out of the van. Down she went, onto the sidewalk.

The guy lunged to seize her again, but I had stepped forward putting my body between them. My hands gripped his shirt collar. He was a big guy, with maybe fifty pounds on me, but every one of those pounds was fat. I worked out at the gym religiously, and years of weightlifting had corded my body into solid muscle. He was no match for me, but I welcomed the challenge.

Of course, Fatso decided to use his weight to his advantage. I tried to lift him out of the van so I could teach him some manners, but he shifted his weight forward and almost knocked me on my ass. I didn't fall, despite the torrents of rain making it hard to hold my ground. I backed up enough that he was now out of the van too. My hands still had a firm grip on his collar, and I let go with one hand so I could slug him in the face. He jerked as if struck by lightning, obviously not used to taking a punch. What a wimp. Preying on women because they were weaker. Can't hide your weakness now. Not from me.

The guy tried to head-butt me, but he was too slow. I darted to the right, moving my feet like a boxer, fists raised. "Why not pick on someone your own size?" I asked with a sneer.

"Why not mind your own business?" The guy glowered at me. His right cheek was already swelling from my first jab. My fists itched to strike him again. He deserved it.

By now, the driver had climbed out of the van and was heading toward me. No, not for me. For Allie. She was still crumpled on the sidewalk, looking like a frightened deer, unable to move. She had lost weight since I'd last seen her and—

While I was distracted, a fist came flying toward my face. I ducked under the blow and dove at Fatso's midsection. His back slammed into the side of the van, causing it to rock back and forth. I left him there, blinking and shaking his head dazedly, and jerked around to see the driver gripping Allie's arm. For some reason, I couldn't hear her screams or whimpers. Her mouth was moving and so was the driver's, but I was too full of rage to hear them.

Like a bull, I charged toward them. A grunt blew out of my mouth as I collided with the driver. My hearing came back and I could hear Allie's gasp and the driver's groan as I drove his shoulder hard into the sidewalk. I grabbed his right arm and twisted it painfully up behind his back. I bent down so my lips were near his ear.

"Don't you ever come 'round these parts again, do you hear me?" I shouted.

He struggled and tried to clasp his other hand around my wrist, but I grabbed that hand and forced his fingers back until I felt a pop. The driver screamed like a little girl.

Allie was screaming too. Fatso was back at it again, yanking on her arm. She was slapping at him, crying, and hysterical.

Damn it all. Why couldn't these guys realize it was futile, they weren't getting their prize tonight? If they pushed me too far, there was no telling what could happen to them, not that I cared about their lives. They were worthless scum. They didn't deserve to live.

Leaving the driver to cradling his inured hand to his chest and his other arm dangling awkwardly from the dislocated shoulder, I tore after Fatso again. As he glanced at me, Allie tried to scratch his face, but he caught her wrist and pressed his body against hers.

Disgust filled me and I channeled all my rage it into my fist. It connected with his temple, spinning him around. Down he fell, forward, half into the van. The driver did his best to shove his partner inside the van, however with a dislocated shoulder on one side and several broken fingers on the other hand, this was no easy feat.

While he struggled with Fatso, I turned to face Allie. By now, she had managed to get to her feet. It was so surreal to be standing next to her after so much time. She was shivering, maybe from the rain or maybe from fear. A part of me hated her, would always hate her. Another part of me hated me for wanting to wrap my arms around her, to whisper in her ear, to tell her… What was there to say?

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