Shadow:The Hoods MC(5)

By: Heather West


Without a word, I grabbed her arm—a lot gentler than those thugs had been with her, but maybe just a little bit rough too. I was still angry with her. Sighing and hating myself for being weak, I pulled her onto the back of my motorcycle. She hadn't said anything either, which was probably for the best. What the hell had she been thinking, walking around these parts all by herself at night in the pouring rain?


Her arms wrapped around me, and I closed my eyes for a moment, remembering how many times we'd ridden places together before. Things used to be so perfect. Well, as close to perfect as they could be when you were carrying around as much baggage as I was. Allie had always helped with that, helped me to forget. Without her, these past months had been more hellish than ever. Not that I couldn't survive without her. I could. It just… wasn't easy.

I wheeled the bike around and took off, tearing up the street just as the van was finally driving away in the opposite direction. Speeding through the night, taking tight turns, going down narrow alleys, I got us to the clubhouse as quickly as I could but also making sure we were not followed. Having her pressed up against my back, her arms locked around my chest, had me remembering all the times we had fucked. And damn it all, if I wasn't getting me hard; my balls aching with the need for release.

The rain was just stopping when I parked. I had to help Allie off the motorcycle. She was trembling again, glancing around like a frightened child, eyes wide, jaw lowered. When she looked at me, she immediately dropped her gaze.

"What is it?" I grumbled, crossing my arms and leaning against my bike. "Weren't expecting to see me, huh?"

"See you?" Her voice was a little frantic. Her knees buckled, and she grabbed onto my handlebars to remain upright.

"Yeah, after so long." I jerked away from my bike to put some distance between us and shoved my hands into my tight jeans.

"You…" Her voice trailed off as she breathed heavily. Hell, she almost looked like she was ready to start crying. "Y-you know me?"

Her words are whispers, caught on the wind. I couldn't have heard her right. "What did you say?" I asked, but some of my gruffness was gone.

"You know me?" she repeated, louder, her voice more confident. Her face twisted into something like hope but also fear.

Fuck. I hated it when she looked at me with fear.

"Don't play stupid with me, Allie." I crossed my arms. My knuckles were bloodied. I hadn't realized that even happened. From one of my punches maybe. They hadn't started to hurt until now, but I welcomed the pain. It meant the other guys were feeling that much worse.

"Allie?" she repeated, wonder in her voice. "That's my name?"

What the hell?

"You don't remember me?" I asked. What the fuck happened to her? Suddenly, her weight loss made her look sickly, and she was back to shivering again, her arms wrapped around her middle, pulling the oversized soaking wet shirt tight around her tits.

She bit her lower lip and shook her head. "Should I?" she whispered, head down making her seem like she was talking to the road instead of me.

All the rage I had been suppressing from seeing her again—now that she was safe from harm—was flooding through me again. I circled around her and my bike, feeling like a lion stalking its prey. "You're name is Allie."

She stared me down as I rounded in front of her. "Sky."


"I'm not Allie. I'm not her anymore." She lifted her chin, defiance in her eyes. "I'm Sky."

Sky… What kind of a name was that? Although it kinda fit, considering she had always had big goals. She'd always wanted to reach for the sky.

I smirked. Okay, then. If she went by Sky now, I'd call her Sky. "Well, Sky, I'm Shadow."

Her eyes darkened, and she glowered at me. It would've been more impressive if she wasn't still shivering. "Are you playing me?" she asked coolly.

"Not at all, babe."

Her nose wrinkled. "Don't call me that."

"Why not? I used to call you that all the time. Back when we were dating."

"We used to date?" She gave me a quick once-over and then dropped her gaze to the ground, making it impossible for me to read her face. Just what was she thinking? What happened to her to make her forget me, forget us, both the good and the bad?

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