Shadow:The Hoods MC(6)

By: Heather West

"Yeah. Why would I lie?" I jerked my thumb to the clubhouse. "You look like you might be in need of a place to crash."

Her head shot up. "Yes. Please."

The gratitude in her eyes almost had me caving, but I held firm. I thrust my pelvis forward until my cock was pushing against her pussy through our pants, my bike holding her upright. "Yeah, I'll give you shelter for tonight…"

She didn't pull away, her gaze didn't leave my face. She parted her lips, probably to thank me.

But I wasn't finished yet. "Just for tonight, I need to fuck you tonight," I demanded.

A revenge fuck. Just what I needed.

Chapter Three


I couldn't believe the events that had just occurred. From almost being abducted, to being rescued by a stranger, to riding on the back of a motorcycle—something that probably would've been exhilarating if I hadn't been so scared. To being taken to a building I didn't recognize and being told the stranger wasn't actually a stranger…

And now he wanted me, wanted my body.

It was all too much to take in. And him pressing himself against me, feeling just how much he wanted me, made it all the more impossible to think. His eyes were wide and dark with lust, and his cock felt so big and hard…

He'd called me Allie. Allie. I rolled the name around my mind. The name meant nothing to me. I felt more comfortable being Sky. For now, I would still be Sky. Maybe Allie had died in the car accident, and I'd been reborn. Although this "new" life wasn’t starting off much better than the last one had ended.

So Allie had dated this handsome bad boy? He was hot, in a dark and dangerous kind of way. His hair was darker than his eyes, and his eyes looked like coals. Rain dripped down from his still damp hair, and his tight t-shirt clung to his muscular body. His jeans hung perilously low on his hips, and as if he knew what I was thinking, he pushed toward me again, rubbing, grinding. The friction of his hard cock against me made me think that maybe he wasn't quite so crazy for demanding this of me.

But, no, it was. Those guys… they'd wanted me for my body too. Then again, Shadow—what kind of a name was that? I still wasn't sure if he was joking about that or not. He and I had a history. And even if my mind didn't remember him, my body sure seemed to. Even though my clothes were soaked, I could feel the warm heat spreading from between my legs and my nipples hardening just from him rubbing against me.

Lust, pure and simple. Maybe it was because of him rescuing me, or wanting to feel close to someone again after feeling alone for so long, or even maybe because I was that desperate to have a place for the night, but I considered the invitation. I had nowhere else to go, it was really dark out now, and the thought of walking somewhere to try to find another place for shelter had tears stinging my eyes. Not after that van incident. No way.

I'd give him anything to stay safe – even my body.

Bracing my hands on the bike—reminding me of the frightening and adrenaline-charged ride, zooming along the streets, holding onto Shadow as tight as I could… I already knew how hard his pecs were—I brushed back against him. "You'll let me sleep here if I sleep with you?"

God, I sounded like a whore. Maybe I was, for being willing to do this but as dangerous as he was, he made me feel safe too. He'd saved me.

"Yes." His voice was low, with an edge, and the glint in his dark eyes was enough to make me feel lost again, in a strangely erotic way.

"I… I can do that." My voice came out breathless. Was I panting? God, please tell me I wasn't panting.

Something shifted in his expression, a flicker too quick for me to read, and for a moment, I wondered if I had made the right choice. But then his hand grabbed mine, and a shock of awareness went through me as our fingers intertwined. It felt natural, right… almost like coming home again.

He led me inside, walking fast. A few guys were sitting around a table, drinking beers and watching TV. They glanced our way and my cheeks began to burn. Shadow's jeans did not hide his erection, and they had to realize what we were about to do. Did they recognize me?

A few grunted in greeting—in that universal guy language—and one did call out, "Hey, Shadow."

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