Shadow:The Hoods MC(7)

By: Heather West

Shadow twisted toward me, a smirk on his face that made my heart skip a beat.

He didn't respond to them, just led me through the room to a hallway. At the end was a staircase. We climbed it, still holding hands. Shadow was walking a little too fast for my unsteady legs, but I managed to keep up. At the landing, at the top of the stairs, there was another hallway lined with several doors.

Shadow kicked open the last door on the right. Inside was dark, and he didn't bother to turn on a light switch. The darkness made me feel blind as I stumbled toward the middle of the room and the panic I'd felt when I first woke up in the hospital, came rushing back. My chest grew tight, and I couldn't breathe.

I didn't want to be that frightened woman anymore. I wasn't her. She'd been nameless. She'd been pathetic and weak and scared all the time. Yes, I'd been terrified when that guy grabbed me, and then when the driver had come out too. Then when Shadow had ridden up, I didn't know if he was in on it too. I'd struggled and fought back, but I was weak. Strong enough to be discharged from the hospital, but not strong enough to fight off the likes of them.

"Are you sure about this?"

His deep voice sounded from behind me. When we had stopped holding hands, the connection broken, I had almost forgotten he was even there.

"Yes, I'm sure." I was. No regrets, no second thoughts. Whatever had happened in my past, I was goddamn sure there was no going back. I needed to form a connection with another human being, to feel alive. Who better with, than someone who could help me unlock the mystery of who I was before the car accident?

My wet clothes clung to me and I was still shivering. I turned around to face him and started to remove my shirt when more felt rather than saw how dark his mood was. With how black the room was, it was too hard to read his facial expression, but I could sense that he was upset or displeased, and neither of them was what I had hoped for. My fingers fell away from my shirt, and I slowly walked over to him. No matter what, I couldn't have him change his mind. What if he decided I wasn't worth it and forced me back out onto the cold, damp streets?

But even more than that, there was a part of me that wanted to remove the darkness and give him something to smile about. He seemed so hard and rough around the edges, but if we'd dated, I must have seen something in him. Hopefully, I hadn't just dated him for his looks. Plus, I really did want him. Not just because he had saved me. Because he had known me before the accident and because I wanted to know him again too.

Swallowing hard, I removed his shirt instead. He was so tall, towering over my five-foot-four frame, easily a foot taller than me, and he had to bend down for me to get it over his head. No longer shivering but trembling, I lifted onto my tiptoes and pressed my lips to his.

At first, he didn't respond, which confused me, and I began to lose my confidence, but then his lips opened and it was all I could do to keep kissing him back. He was assaulting me with his lips, teeth and tongue. I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him as if he were my life preserver. In a way, he had been earlier. The kiss felt like a fight for control, for dominance, and I was losing. But, in this battle, I didn't mind if I wasn't the victor.

He pulled back abruptly, leaving me breathless and wanting, my lips feeling swollen already. This was a man who took what he wanted, I could tell, and he wanted me. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and his bulge looked even bigger than before.

Wanting to see it, to feel it, God…to taste it, I worked at his jeans and managed to push them down to his ankles. No boxers or briefs for him. His cock jumped right out at me, sprung at attention, thick and long. I licked my lips. Time to earn my keep, and based on the size of him, boy was I going to enjoy it.

His cock felt rock hard in my hand. I eased my grip down the length of him and back again, slowly stroking him. Glancing up, I saw that his eyes were closed, head slightly tilted back.

Grinning, I kneeled down and flicked out my tongue to touch the tip of his cock. He drew in a strangled gasp.

Yes, you might be a big, bad biker dude, but I'm was going to bring you to your knees.

Emboldened, I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of him as I could without gagging. He was so thick my jaw was already starting to ache, and I couldn't suck all of him. One of my hands stroked the base of his cock that my mouth couldn't quite reach, and the other hand cupped his balls. Slowly, teasingly, I toyed with him, sucking hard then soft, taking him completely out of my mouth and kissing the length of him. Amazingly, his cock kept on hardening the more I played with him. If he were to enter to me, to fuck me, it would feel incredible. I shifted slightly so that I could rub my pussy while I pleased him; wanting to feel some pleasure too.

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