Sinful Longing(7)

By: Lauren Blakely

He pressed a condom into her hand, and she quickly opened it then rolled it on him, stopping only when she spotted the new ink on his hip. A simple black phoenix, akin to a stencil design. It matched the lotus, like he’d said. Matched it in symbolism.

“For new beginnings,” she whispered softly, tracing it with her fingertip. It mesmerized her, the art and lines, the placement on his body, but she shook off her reaction because she didn’t want to think of beginnings. She wanted to think only of ending this epic ache in her body.

She straddled him. His fingers grasped her hips, and she lowered herself onto his shaft. She was ready to build a shrine, to make holy offerings, because he was divine. Anyone who said size didn’t matter had never experienced the unmitigated erotic joy of this kind of cock filling her up. Yeah, the motion of the ocean mattered, but so did the size of the boat. Long, thick, and steely, his dick operated like a precision-timed machine of pleasure.

She moaned, stilling for just a moment to savor that delicious stretch of taking him all the way in, her slippery heat coating his cock. “I almost forgot how good you feel,” she said as she started to move on him.

“That would be a damn shame. We shouldn’t let that happen,” he said, thrusting up into her.

She clenched around him. “No, we shouldn’t because this is…”

Words stopped forming as he drove into her. Gripping her hips, he jerked her down harder, filling her deeper.

“This is what, Elle?” he asked, his voice a sexy taunt, urging her on.

“Intense,” she said on an exhale, as he filled her so deliriously she nearly screamed. She was vaguely aware that there could be people nearby—workers, waiters, bartenders—and she somehow found the will not to sing and shout her pleasure to the stars. But she felt it. The intensity thrummed in her bones, sizzled across her skin. “Incredible. It’s so incredible,” she said on a moan, as he thrust into her.

Then, because he was a fucking expert, because he’d studied all the shortcuts to her pleasure, he looped his fingers in her hair and pulled hard, exposing her throat to him. That was like an electric burst of ecstasy.

“Fucking you is the best,” he said, layering kisses onto her skin. “You get so wet, and I love how it feels to slide into you over and over.”

“Tell me how it makes you feel,” she said, losing touch with the earth as he talked to her, his dirty words sending her into a tailspin. The way he spoke to her was such an insane turn on, and she was already aroused beyond her own comprehension. He kissed the hollow of her throat and drove his cock deep into her.

“It’s fucking extraordinary. Being inside you is extraordinary. And I love it when you come on me.” He slid a finger between her legs, brushed it lightly against her clit, and her lips parted, forming an O. A silent, glorious O, containing all the pleasure in the universe. He’d flipped that switch, pushing her from chasing an orgasm to falling apart in his arms. She shuddered, pleasure wracking her cells, racing through her to flood every corner.

Helpless to stay quiet, she felt her silent cry turn to an audible moan as she shouted the beginning of his name. He clamped a hand over her mouth, covering her noises as he thrust up into her like a mad man on a frenzied ride, desperate to follow her to the other side. He fucked her as aftershocks rippled through her, the sensation spreading to her fingers and toes.

As her moans subsided, he dropped his hand from her mouth and gripped her waist. She opened her eyes, watching him, loving the way he looked when he came. Nothing was sexier, nothing was hotter than watching the man she wanted lose control.

All for her.

She didn’t understand why, but somehow she was his undoing.

And he was hers.

He fucked her into his own release, his eyes squeezed shut and his face contorted in pleasure. He grunted, and groaned her name before biting her collarbone, holding in all his sounds, too, as he came.

“We can’t stop,” she whispered, voicing the most dangerous words. Words she shouldn’t say. But her body had the reins, making decisions for her, seeking more bliss.

“We can’t and we shouldn’t,” he murmured, layering soft kisses on her neck.

Soon, as they came down from their high and her senses reattuned to the world around her, the tinkling of glasses reached her ears. The after party was starting…

Which meant.

She was about to become a pumpkin.

From inside her clutch purse, the alarm sounded on her phone.

“I have to go. My mom has a shift at eleven. I told her I’d be home by ten-thirty.”

“I’ll walk you to your car,” he said.

In the parking garage, he cupped her cheek gently, pressed his lips to hers, and gave her a sweet good-bye kiss that would linger on the whole way home.

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