Stepbrothers (3 Book Stepbrother Romance Collection)

By: Emilia Beaumont

Three Book Stepbrother Romance Collection

SNAKE - a Stepbrother Romance

* * *

Cheating, fucking, lying Snake!

I thought he was different than all the rest.

My stepbrother, Devan, was everything I longed for in a man: loyal, protective, and strong.

After being burned so many times by cheating scumbags, you can understand why. Devan’s the perfect guy; the standard I hold other men up to. If only I could have a carbon copy of him… tattoos and all.

But then he kissed me. And no matter how much I want him to be mine, I now see him for what he really is.

Another snake that can’t keep it in his pants.

He’s married, for fuck’s sake!

Their marriage is in trouble, but that’s no excuse, and it just happens to be one of the reasons why I’m living with the couple… I’ve made a deal to be their surrogate.

How did my life become so complicated all of a sudden?

Because now, after just one amazing kiss, I can’t stop thinking about my stepbrother and the baby I promised to give him.

* * *

VULTURE - a Stepbrother Romance

* * *

He’ll get under my skin, peck at my bones, and rip my heart to shreds.

My stepbrother, Harvey Guyer, preys on the innocent, the vulnerable, and weak. Discarding them without a second glance when he's had his fill. Businessman of the year, he thinks he’s hot stuff. And he’s the last person I need in my life right now. One abusive relationship was enough.

When I lost my husband, my whole fucked up world collapsed. I hate that he's dead, and I hate that I wasn't the one to kill him.

Can’t Harvey understand I need time to grieve? That after everything I’ve gone through I need to get back on my feet and process the emotional wreckage? I don’t want to revisit the dark places. Except my stepbrother refuses to take no for answer. He’ll lead me places I don’t want to go, force me to tell him things I do not want to admit to.

But whether I like it or not, he’s the only one that will listen to me. I can’t get him out of my head and hate the effect he has on me. One look, and I long for his hard body against mine. Yet the pleasure might not be worth the pain, because once he has me trapped in his talons, he's going to drag me kicking and screaming back into the light.

No, it’s too soon. My trust levels are running on empty.

I barely survived one nightmare, I don’t know if I can outlive my wildest dreams.

* * *

SHARK - a Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance

* * *

Thea Reagan: Good girl? Always.

Loyal daughter? Without a doubt.

Hiding a scandalous secret? Only when night falls.

I put up a good act, hiding my true self beneath a wholesome mask. But as the daughter of a High Court Judge I must be extremely careful, and the men I entertain must be relied upon to be discreet.

However, everything changes when Vincent, my stepbrother, comes into my life. Rugged, handsome and downright dirty, he’s a far cry from the rich businessmen I’ve set my sights on. But Vincent inadvertently sets in motion a chain of horrid events that sends my world into a dangerous spin.

The scandal would ruin me, embarrass my father and lower his opinion of me.

Bribed, threatened, and used, I’m trapped and can see no way out… I can’t ask for help and yet Vincent takes it upon himself to deliver the final blow.

* * *

Vincent Hudson: Bad Boy? F*ck yeah!

Disowned? I didn’t need them anyway.

Man with a temper? Keep looking at me like that and you’ll find out.

When the red curtain of rage falls over my eyes, I’m unable stop myself. The anger that builds up inside me demands an outlet: a punching bag, a man’s face…

In my line of business the reputation of being a savage can come in extremely handy. But this time it went too far.

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