Surrendering:Regent Vampire Lords Novel(118)

By: K.L. Kreig

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Too late. Uhhhh. Shoot her now. She kept her eyes closed, wishing the whole thing would go away. She’d done that a lot in her life. Hadn’t worked so far. Guess she wasn’t a quick learner.

“Kitten, talk to me. What’s the matter? Did I hurt you?” He sounded slightly panicked.

Did he hurt her? No, not yet. But he would. Just give him time. Everyone did sooner or later.

“I don’t want to be another notch on your bedpost,” she whispered, inwardly groaning. Where in god’s name had that come from? That’s not all what she intended to say. Get out before I let you fuck me had been more like it.

“Ahhh Kitten.” He pulled her tightly to him, strong arms wrapped completely around her. He stroked her back, her hair. Tears fell quietly, wetting his shirt. Pretty soon snot would be running down her face. Great. Excuse me, Damian, while I wipe my buggers from your two hundred dollar shirt.

He held her as he spoke. His voice firm, but full of sincerity. “Listen to me good, Analise. You are not another notch on my bedpost. I don’t want another woman. Only you. It will only ever be you.” He pulled back cupping her cheeks in his strong hands, forcing her eyes to his. “I won’t hurt you, Analise. I will protect you. I will protect your heart. I promise.”

The ability to speak vanished. She shook her head. That’s all she could do. He sounded so sure, so sincere, so possessive. She ached to believe him. Every word he said resonated deep inside, slowing filling each empty crevice in her very damaged soul. Every word created more chinks in her already fragile armor. For the first time since she was ten years old, she longed to be loved by someone. To belong to someone. To Damian.

Stupid, foolish schoolgirl thoughts.

He touched his lips to hers one last time before pulling the sheets back. Sliding in, fully clothed, he pulled her body into his arranging them comfortably.

“Go back to sleep, Analise. I’ll be right here when you wake.” He was staying. She was never more grateful…or terrified. Letting him stay was the single dumbest idea ever, but she was simply too exhausted to fight him.

The walls she’d spent so many years building were crumbling quickly and she had no clue how to stop them from disintegrating into nothingness. And that would be so very bad. Because if she allowed Damian into her life, into her heart and he broke her…well, she would never recover. Damian would literally be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Hope. It was a fool’s emotion. It was that tiny light at the end of a black tunnel that kept one going in even the darkest of times, but the inevitable crash that followed was all the more devastating because once you reached the end you realize it wasn’t a light after all. It had been a sick, twisted illusion all along. She should know. She was Hope’s bitch.

Against her better judgment, she drifted off to sleep in the warmth and comfort of his arms, wondering what in the hell she was going to do now. Because in order to find Beth, she needed Damian. And against all that made sense, she couldn’t spend much more time with him without falling head over heels in love. But that also meant she could end up eternally broken.

Analise had recovered from heart-crushing devastation and deep betrayal throughout her life, but she knew without a single doubt that she would never recover from loving and losing Damian DiStephano.

He held the power to destroy her permanently.

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