Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission Book 6)(15)

By: Alexa Riley

When I reach her car door, I give two hard knocks to her window, forcing her to roll it down. Her big sea-green eyes look up at me, her bottom lip pouting, and it drives me crazy. Her whole look says “innocent,” and I can’t wait to turn her into my little slut. The things she’s going to do to me, for me – and no one will ever know. It will be a piece of her that only I possess.

“Sir?” The single word seems to stroke my whole body.

“Ma’am, I’m going to need you to step out of the car.” Without waiting for a response, I reach my hand in through the window to open it from the inside, making the lock pop up and the door open. Tentatively she unhooks her seatbelt and steps out of the car. She’s hesitant, but complies. Her sweet vanilla smell fills my lungs as she exits the vehicle, and it’s all I can do not to lean in. I don’t give her much room, so she has to sidestep me and slide further down the side of her car so I can slam the door shut.

The blue and red lights from my cruiser light up the dark warm summer night, giving me a good view of her. She’s wearing a pink sundress that makes her milky skin look like silk. I wonder if my cum would show on her skin, or if it would just blend in like it belonged there. She’s all woman, soft and curvy with generous breasts that I want to taste, and round hips I’m dying to feel against me. Her midnight-black hair is down in big waves that make me want to grip it in my fist. I want to use it to pull her toward me and claim her mouth.

I love and hate that fucking dress on her. I love that I can slide my hand between her legs and her pussy will be right there for me, but I hate that someone else might have the same thought. I don’t like that her pussy is so easy to get to. Just a rip of her panties and you could be deep inside her warm cunt, and no one besides me will be doing that.

“Sir,” she starts again, “I’m not sure what I did that made you pull me over, but whatever the reason I apologize. What is it I did exactly?”

“Nothing,” I say, watching the confusion wash over her face. “Turn around, hands on the vehicle,” I say, indicating that I’m going to give her a pat-down.

“But – ”

“It’s best you follow orders, my Rose, it will make things a lot easier for you.” Her eyes snap up at my use of “my Rose” but she slowly turns around, doing as I command.

Kneeling down, I start with her ankles, slowly moving my hands up as I go. When I reach her thighs, I hear her breathing pick up, and it’s coming out in little gasps. That panicked sound is the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.

When I reach mid-thigh, I feel her body go completely still. “Please don’t,” she says in a shaky whisper. She may not know what’s coming, but she knows something is off.

Leaning in, I place my mouth against her lush full ass, giving a soft bite through the material of her dress, and hear her let out a squeak. She tries to jerk away from me, but both my hands lock around the inside of her thighs, keeping her in place for me.

“Don’t move again. You’ll only hurt yourself, and I don’t want that. You can’t fight me off, so don’t try. Now, be a good little girl and be still until I’m done.”

Rising up, I push her body into the car with mine. I rub my erection against her ass, trying to cool my lust, but my balls only feel heavier, dying to get a release inside her. I reach around to her front, and bunch up her dress. I move my hand down and cup her pussy, feeling how warm she is.

She’s so tiny compared to me, at least a foot shorter than my six-three. Leaning over, I bury my face in her hair, hoping that between holding her pussy and the scent of her, I can calm down. But when I feel a slight wet spot on her panties, all my control snaps.

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