Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission Book 6)(3)

By: Alexa Riley

Closing my eyes tightly, I know I’ll have do it. I’ll need to take off the gag to fully enjoy it, so hopefully Leila cooperates. A few orgasms should soften her up.

When I open my eyes, I see both Kellan and Remy are getting on the bed with Leila. They kneel on either side of her, their large bodies looming over her. Remy takes his cock in his hand, roughly stroking it, not wasting any time. Kellan just runs the tips of his fingers up and down the underside of his cock, teasing himself.

Leila’s breathing is speeding up, and I can almost see her heart beating out of her chest. My eyes travel down from her tits to her soft belly. She curves in at the waist but has a soft roll around her middle. I see it sometimes in her clothes where it comes over the tops of her skirts or slacks, and it makes me so unbelievably hard. Her soft flesh around her middle begs me to nibble and bite it, to run my hands along her body there and squeeze the skin, thinking about our babies growing inside her there. Leila indulges in food and the things she loves. Her body is a reflection of her love of life and of her indulgence the things she craves—how could that not turn me on? I see her belly giggle a little as her body clenches and twists in the ropes. I lick my lips, thinking about dipping my tongue into her bellybutton and nibbling on her softness.

“Fuck!” Remy shouts, but he doesn’t cum. I look over and see him pinch the end of his cock to stop the flow of semen from coming out. A few thick white drops start to fall onto Leila’s belly, and he moans. “I don’t want it to end yet.”

I smile a little. It’s just like Remy to go in feet first and get all impatient. “Just take the edge off, brother. We’ll have her so many times tonight she’ll forget whose cock is whose.”

I look over and see Kellan is now gripping his cock and thrusting his hips into his cupped hand. I can tell he’s mimicking the thrusts he’s going to treat Leila to. We’re all getting ready to take her like a pack of animals, and this is just the appetizer to whet our appetite.

“Are you going to fight it, Leila? Are you going to fight us?” Kellan asks as he thrusts into his hand.

It takes a second before Leila blinks and then starts yelling into her gag again. I can’t help but let out a laugh. “I think I saw a little hesitation there, didn’t you, guys?”

Kellan and Remy both laugh and agree, and I see the blush deepen further across Leila’s cheeks.

My eyes follow down her body to where her legs are spread wide. The soft cuffs are banded around her ankles, pulling her legs as far apart as they can go without too much discomfort. And not only that, but I put an extra rope around each knee to open her pussy completely. The lips of her cunt are spread open, revealing her clit. Her glistening opening shows that she’s turned on, no matter how much she argues.

There’s a small patch of red curls at the top of her pussy, and I rub my hand along my covered cock as I think about nuzzling against it, feeling her soft hair against my lips as I kiss my way down to her hard nub and breathe in her scent. Sitting directly in front of her pussy, I can see her juices drip down between her ass cheeks. I can also see her clench as she watches the men above her pleasure themselves at the sight of her tied-up body.

“She may be trying to say she doesn’t like it, but her pussy disagrees with her words. Her sweet kitty is dripping for us. Isn’t that right, Leila?”

I watch as her pussy clenches yet again, and I smile. Oh, our sweet little love is dirty.

“I’ve gotta let it go. It’s too fucking good seeing her like this. I need to get in her.” Remy speeds up his strokes, not waiting any longer.

I watch as he strokes himself three times and starts to cum. He reaches down, squeezing his balls, getting out as much cum as he can and dumping it on her soft belly. Her stomach twitches as the splashes of cum hit it, and her thighs pull against the ropes, tightening them up. Leila’s pussy leaks a few more drops of nectar, and I lick my lips, needing to taste her sweetness.

“Leila,” Kellan grunts as he thrusts into his hand one final time, letting his thick streams of cum hit her belly as well, mixing in with Remy’s fresh load and my dried-up contribution.

Both men sit back, trying to catch their breath after using her body for their pleasure. Standing, I lock eyes with Leila as I slowly unbutton my shirt and remove it. I take off my shoes and slacks next, then remove my boxer briefs slowly. Her eyes travel up and down my naked body and then move to Remy and Kellan. She’s looking over three big naked men and no doubt wondering how she’s going to take us all. She’ll take us. We’ll make damn sure of that.

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