Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission Book 6)(4)

By: Alexa Riley

“You remember how I told you guys she was ovulating?” Kellan and Remy smile wickedly, and Leila’s eyes nearly bulge out of her head. “I found out another secret our little secretary was keeping from us.” Leila starts to shake her head as I climb onto the end of the big bed, kneel between her open legs, and put my hand on the inside of thigh. “Turns out our fiery redhead has a gift for us.”

“Fuck, don’t say it,” Remy says as he strokes his still-hard cock. Kellan moans and I lock eyes with Leila.

“Oh yes, she’s still cherry fresh, and tonight Leila’s going to give it to the three of us.”

Chapter 3


Both Remy and Kellan look at me in shock, and I’m not sure why. Leila might be feisty and give as good as she gets, but she also turns bright red and runs the other way when any of us make a sexual comment towards her. I know Remy has done this on multiple occasions, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

“I choose to believe she’s saving it for us.” I won’t let my mind believe anything else. Why would someone as pure and perfect as her still have her virginity intact? We’ve had to scare away plenty of men who’ve tried to come on to her. Hell, we have a female guard who we always keep on her whenever she leaves the building. We wanted to make sure no man gets too close without our knowing, and many have tried. I’m sure Leila would give us hell if she knew about her bodyguard, but that doesn’t matter now. She kept pushing and pushing us away, so we might as well just knock down her walls and take what we want.

I know she wants this. Or maybe she’s not so sure, scared even. Three men can be a lot to take on, but she’ll soon learn there’s no fighting this, and if she gives us what we want we’ll give her everything. She’ll never want for anything. If she wants to lie on a beach all day we’ll take her, if she wants to talk until her voice goes hoarse we’ll listen, if she wants to be pleasured every hour of every day we can do that. With the three of us, there’s nothing we can’t give her.

“Fucking hell, her pussy is going to be so goddamn tight. I’ve never been with a virgin,” Remy says as he reaches down to confirm her tightness. He slips his fingers between her folds, sliding one finger into her pussy and pumping in and out.

“I can’t even remember the last time I was with someone,” Kellan adds, and I nod. Me neither. We’ve been too busy. In college, the three of us really bonded one night as we talked about our dreams and desires in life. We wanted to seek out those desires together, and we said we’d find the perfect woman for that. One who would fit the three of us perfectly. So until that day, we wouldn’t play and soil ourselves on the path to finding her.

Maybe that’s why we’ve gotten a little out of hand now. We’ve been waiting so long for our one, only to have her push us away. It can make a man break, and we’ve finally broken. I dragged Kellan and Remy with me, knowing they’d be all too happy to finally give in to what we want.

Remy continues to play with her pussy, and I watch, licking my lips.

“What does she feel like?” My voice is gruff. I can’t wait to find out for myself.

“Like heaven, like she’s going to fit us like a glove.” Remy pulls his finger out of her, making Leila’s hips rise like she wants it back inside her. He slides the finger into his mouth, closing his eyes like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted. The sight is more than I can take, and I’m on her.

Quickly, I bury my face between her legs. She jerks against me, raising her hips as high her bindings will allow her. I steal the opportunity to slide my hands under her lush ass, spreading her ass cheeks apart and keeping her a few inches off the bed. It exposes every inch of her to me, and I have access to both of her holes. I lick from her puckered hole to her pussy, sliding my tongue in and out, tasting her virginity.

“Don’t eat it all. I want a taste, too,” Remy growls, and I look up to see a hungry look on his face as he watches me devour her. Kellan has one breast in his mouth and the other in his hand as he gets a taste for himself.

Remy leans down next to Leila and licks her neck, trailing kisses up to her ear before he wraps his hand around her throat. I can tell he isn’t gripping her tightly, just laying his hand there and letting her know she’s under our control. He leans in closely, whispering into her ear. “You’re going to be a good girl and won’t fight me when I untie your legs. I wouldn’t want to take Damon’s treat away from him, because I’ll have to spank your pussy if you do.”

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