Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission Book 6)(6)

By: Alexa Riley

Looking back up into her eyes, I see her pupils dilated with desire. “Well? What will it be?” I trace my finger from her lip to her chin and down her throat. I run it down between her breasts, laying my palm there and feeling her heart beat. She closes her eyes tightly and then nods her head just enough to give me permission.

Reaching around the back of her head, I untie the gag and remove it. Just as the cloth is taken away from her mouth, her back arches off the bed and she screams out her orgasm, Kellan and Remy doing their best to keep it going as long as possible.

I watch as her arms strain against her bindings as she writhes in pleasure. A red flush blooms across her tits, and I can’t resist a taste of them. I roughly latch on to one, biting down on the stiff peak as she shouts again, one orgasm meeting the next head on.

“Please, please, please!”

I laugh as I suck more of her nipple into my mouth, biting it again. Her body is so lost in pleasure she doesn’t even know what she’s begging for.

Giving her nipple one last nibble, I look up at her face. She’s sweating and breathing hard, her eyes closed. She’s exactly how we want her—exhausted with pleasure. “Who do you want to go first, Leila?” Her eyes slowly open and lock with mine. “Make no mistake, love. We’ll all have our turn, but I’ll let you choose which one of us goes first.”

Timidly, she looks around the room at the three of us, but after a second she just shakes her head.

“Where’s our fiery redhead now?” Remy asks, moving up her body. “Damon took the gag off and you’re still not going to talk?”

I hear Kellan laugh, and I look down to see he’s still between her legs, lazily licking her pussy.

“Fuck you, Remy! You have no idea what this is like.” Leila pops off, and we all smile. There’s that little firecracker we’ve been missing.

“Oh, sweet Leila, we’ll be doing the fucking. But if you want to tie me up later, I’ll be a more-than-willing participant.” Remy leans down to take her lips, and at first Leila tries to fight, but after only a second she relaxes and kisses him back.

I watch as her body heats up and the kiss deepens. Leaning down, I lick her neck and whisper against it as Remy keeps her mouth occupied. “What do you say we let Kellan go first while Remy and I really test out that mouth of yours?”

Leila moans, and I look down to nod at Kellan. He buries his face in her pussy one last time, giving it one long lick before moving up her body.

I kneel next to Leila’s head and grab a fistful of her hair. Remy breaks his kiss and pulls back, getting into position as well. We never discussed the details, but once again we are all on the same page—getting ready to claim her body for our very own.

Leila looks at me when I tighten the grip on her hair just a bit, and I reach down to touch her cheek. “Remy and I are going to fuck your pretty mouth while Kellan pops that virgin cherry of yours. There’s no stopping it, so don’t fight us. It will be so sweet and easy if you just lie there and open up for the three of us.”

She looks at my hard thick cock and then at Remy’s before looking down at Kellan, who’s rubbing his cock against her clit. I see her lick her lips and close her eyes. After a second she opens them and nods her head just barely.

Remy reaches down and pets her clit as Kellan moves his cock to her opening. Together, they keep her open and on edge as the thick head of Kellan’s cock pushes slowly inside.

I see her tense just a little, and I grip her hair tighter to get her attention. When she looks at me, I grab the base of my cock and lean forward, pressing the tip of my cock to her lush lips.

She opens easily, and a white pearl of cum seeps out of the end of my cock. I watch as she wraps her lips around the head, sucking it. The tight warmth of her mouth sends a surge of desire shooting through me, and I let go of my cock to grip the headboard.

“Oh, fuck. This is heaven.” I look up to see Kellan’s eyes roll back into his head as he thrusts into Leila. His breath catches as he holds his cock there, letting the sensations flow through him.

Looking down, I see Leila’s hips move in invitation, Remy’s fingers on her clit doing their job. He’s got her so turned on that even the breaking of her hymen hasn’t made her want us to stop.

“Start fucking her, Kellan. We all need a turn.” Remy growls, rubbing her pussy harder. “I bet if I can get her to cum, you’ll nut in her fast. Then I can go next.” His grin is wicked as his knowing fingers speed up.

The warm wet swipe of her tongue across the tip of my cock makes me realize more cum drops have seeped out of me. Leaning over her more, I push my cock further into her mouth until I bump the back of her throat. She can’t take all of me, because I’m too big, but she’s doing her best. I pull back a little, but as I retreat from her mouth she sucks harder, as if she doesn’t want me to leave. Her hot mouth begs my cock to stay.

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