Taking What's Naughty (Forced Submission Book 6)(7)

By: Alexa Riley

“Goddamn, Leila. You love sucking dick, don’t you? Remy, get in here. You gotta feel it.” I don’t want to leave the delicious warmth of her mouth, but I have to let him try it.

I pull my cock from her warm mouth and watch as Remy pushes his cock against her cheek. She turns her head, opening for him. He still keeps up a rhythm on her clit, and I look up to see Kellan is really going at her pussy. Her hips are rising as much as they can in this position as she invites his cock deeper and deeper.

“Fuck, she’s eating my dick alive. Unf.” Remy’s words are unintelligible as he leans over and thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth. He’s fucking her face, and I can hear her moan around his cock as he goes in and out.

He pulls back and grabs the tip of his cock, trying to hold his cum in again. I just laugh and lean over Leila’s face again, pushing my cock past her lips and to the back of her throat again. Fucking in and out of her mouth while she tries to lick me as much as possible.

Remy is trying to hold the rest of his cum in so he saves it for her pussy, but I can’t wait that long.

Feeling my balls draw up, I start to slow, leisurely thrusting into her mouth. “Swallow, love.”

At that moment, her throat pulses around my dick, and she drinks down my cum as I empty into her mouth. I watch as her back arches off the bed yet again, and she cums with me, her limbs tight from the orgasm coursing through her.

“Fuck. I’m going.” Kellan thrusts hard one last time and holds himself inside her as he grunts out his orgasm. I can see her pussy twitch around the base of his cock as she opens up for him, taking in his seed.

Remy smiles and I pull out of Leila’s mouth, smiling, too. I reach down and touch her cheek tenderly. “One down, pet. Two more to go.”

Chapter 5


Kellan reluctantly pulls out of Leila, traces of his semen and her virgin blood coating his dick. The sight makes my own dick hard again and it fills with need. Having only emptied myself down her warm sweet throat moments ago, I’m ready to go again. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to get enough of her. Nothing seems to cool our desire for her. In fact, it seems like we’re all sinking a little deeper into her. To a place we’ll never be able to get out of. But it doesn't matter. I know none of us will ever want to escape it.

Kellan barely has time to move before Remy is taking his place. He’s still on edge from not cumming in her mouth like I did. Normally, Remy is the one who can’t hold back, jumping right into the middle of things, unable to stop himself. It seems I’m the one having that issue today. Maybe it’s because I knew she was here, tied up and ready for the taking, before we even got here. Leila makes us act out of character. We’re more like Neanderthals than three powerful men who rule the courtroom with utter control. All that control seems to slip away when it comes to her.

It’s frustrating and exhilarating at the same time. She couldn’t be more perfect for us if we crafted her ourselves. Everything about her fits us, and we’re going to show her how much her body wants us. We’ll show her that this isn't some game we’re playing like she thinks it is. That all the times we asked her out weren’t about some quick fuck. Planting our baby inside her lets her know this is forever. This is real, and the time for pushing us away is long gone.

Kellan makes his way over to the bathroom as I watch Remy push into Leila’s pussy. Her back arches off the bed, thrusting her tits into the air, her nipples as hard as my cock. I can’t even imagine how they’ll be when they’re filled with milk. I can already see the three of us fighting to get at them, and the thought makes me smile.

“Oh, God, Remy.” She moans out his name.

All I can seem to do is watch as Remy slides in and out of her pussy. His dick’s coated in cum and virgin blood, and I pray there will be some left to coat my cock, too. I want it marked on my skin like a trophy of what we’ve claimed.

Remy tries to bury himself deeper into her pussy, but the bindings on her legs don’t give him the room he needs. Reaching down, I free both her legs and he gets higher on his knees, pulling her ass onto his lap, gripping her hips as he starts to drive deeper into her.

“Fuck. I’m hitting her cervix. I swear it’s trying grab hold of my cock and suck my cum down,” Remy grunts as he picks up speed.

The bed squeaks and groans under Remy’s motions, making Leila’s tits bounce. I can’t seem to pull my eyes away from them, and neither can Kellan. He’s taken up residence in the chair beside the bed, stroking himself as Remy loses control on Leila’s body.

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