The Best Goodbye(9)

By: Abbi Glines

He went silent and leaned in closer. “What did you say?”

I pushed my embarrassment away and met his gaze. “My name is Addy.”

The corners of his mouth lifted, and the green of his eyes sparkled. “I like that. Addy.”

“Thanks. Me, too. Addison’s too long and sounds old.”

His smile stayed in place, and he shrugged. “I don’t think it sounds old, but Addy fits you.”

“My mom called me Addy,” I admitted, surprising myself. I’d never talked about her.

“What happened to your mom?”

I wanted to tell him. I never wanted to tell anyone, but I wanted to tell this boy. “She left me a long time ago . . . in a grocery-store parking lot . . .”


When my office door opened without a knock, I assumed it was Elle. She continued to confuse our having a sex life with her having some kind of power around here. “Knock next time,” I snapped without looking up. She’d pout, and I wasn’t in the mood.

“My hands were full with your coffee. I intercepted that tall, dark-haired girl you keep bringing around,” Blaire replied.

I jerked my gaze up to see my sister standing in the doorway with a smirk and a cup of coffee.

“But I’m thinking with that attitude, I might keep this coffee for myself.”

I had only met my sister a few years ago. I hadn’t even known she existed until my biological father came and found me. But from the moment we met, she’d gone out of her way to make sure we became a family. And she’d succeeded. Blaire Finlay was hard to say no to.

“I’m sorry. I thought you were Elle,” I explained.

Understanding lit her eyes, so similar to my own, as she walked over and set the cup on my desk. “In that case, I completely understand. She’s annoying.” Leave it to Blaire to be blunt. She always said what she was thinking.

“To what do I owe this pleasure?” I asked, taking my coffee and leaning back to study my sister, who was making herself comfortable in the chair across from my desk.

“Just missed you. I thought your moving to Rosemary Beach meant we would see each other more often, but you work all the time. I was complaining this morning, and Rush suggested I come see you and invite you over for dinner.”

Rush Finlay was her husband and the son of the drummer of the world’s most renowned rock band, Slacker Demon. They’d started releasing number one hits twenty years ago and were still at it. The world Rush came from was very different from Blaire’s, but they worked together. He worshipped the ground she walked on and was a surprisingly great dad to their son.

“This place has consumed every last second. This is my first time actually starting up a restaurant, and it’s more than I bargained for.”

Blaire tilted her head, and her pale blond hair fell over one shoulder. “So is this a no to dinner?”

I was busy, but I knew if I told her no, she’d be sad, and I’d feel like shit. Then I’d get another visit today. From Rush. That visit wouldn’t be friendly at all. I relented. “I’ll be there. Tell me when.”

She beamed at me, and I figured making her smile like that was worth finding the time to hang out with her family. “Great! How about tomorrow night?” she asked, clapping her hands together as if I’d just given her the best news ever.

“I can do tomorrow night.”

“Perfect. Seven o’clock. And don’t bring that girl. You can bring someone if you want, just not her. Or I can invite a friend or something . . .” She trailed off. I didn’t know any of Blaire’s friends who might be single, but I wasn’t about to trust her not to try to set me up.

“I won’t bring Elle, but I don’t want you to invite anyone else, either. It’ll just be a family thing.”

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