The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(10)

By: K.A. Merikan

Tooth snorted. “Do you mean you’ve blown the prom king in his car?”

Luci’s lips parted, but he quickly composed himself and held on to Tooth’s arm as he got in the bath. “I wish. I saw him in the locker rooms once. He had this thick, veiny cock. I’d have loved to suck it hard,” he said, hoping to embarrass Tooth at least a bit, but it didn’t seem to work.

Tooth’s lips crooked into a smile, which soon became less weird when he caught Luci’s hand and closed a handcuff around the wrist. The cold metal dawned on Luci, killing his fantasies of climbing out the window, especially since Tooth closed the other handcuff around the pipe.

Luci exhaled loudly and forced a fake smile in return. “Oh come on, would I ever run away from a guy like you?” He brushed his fingers along the front of Tooth’s belt and looked up at him with the most innocent eyes.

“Stop it,” said Tooth and slowly moved back to the door but kept his eyes firmly trained on Luci.

“You a watcher?” Luci pouted and flopped into the water. It didn’t even have any bubbles. At least the cuffs had a long chain so Luci could sort of manage to wash his hair.

A small smirk lit up Tooth’s eyes, and he walked out. Moments later, the other door opened and closed. Luci was alone.

He looked at the 2in1 shampoo on the side and sighed. His long blond hair needed a lot more care than that. If he were to stay here even a few days longer, he would demand proper treatment because this was totally out of order. Maybe if he got Tooth to take him shopping, he could disappear at the mall. Act like a good boy all day and then vanish when Tooth lowered his guard.

He also needed to let Rick know where he was, the guy had a good heart and was probably worried. Rick would always bring him good food and make sure he was healthy. Even got him meds when Luci couldn’t afford any on his own.

And then there was the issue of Suzy. Sure, she was a dealer, but it was completely out of character for her to try to pull a stunt like this. She would know better than to steal from the Coffin Nails. Maybe something actually happened to her? It wasn’t like she asked him to keep a secret or something. He and Suzy had gone to a party together, and while he came back to Vanilla for his shift, it seemed that she hadn’t returned. As Luci soaked his poor, bruised ass, he decided to tell Tooth and Dad what he knew about her if they promised to ask questions first when they found her. At the end of the day, if she was stupid enough to flat-out steal from the Nails, then there had to be some proper reason for it. Yet, even with all the trouble Luci got into, he hoped that his dad wouldn’t completely hate him.

Luci got the shampoo and managed to start washing his hair despite the cuff. He hated having it all dirty like that. His mind drifted to the memory of Tooth slamming him against that sticky table. He’d been so scared of what would happen, yet now, in the relative safety of a clean, white bathtub, his imagination drifted off into the dark, filthy corners where the big biker fucked him hard with everyone watching. He’d just pull down those shiny leggings, use spit for lube, and go at it, gripping Luci’s hair. Even the memory of that belt was blurring into something that could be pleasant in the right circumstances.

Luci slid lower into the water and enjoyed the fantasy.

Chapter 2

Tooth closed the door with a gentle tug, and it was only then that his muscles could have a minute’s rest. That boy sure was something. He wondered how long it would take for the brat to understand he wouldn’t get his way by playing what appeared to be his only card. But damn, was he gorgeous: slim lines of pale flesh, big eyes on that angelic face, with a mouth that promised a good time. Hell, if he weren’t Priest’s kid, Tooth would definitely not be opposed to the idea of some fun with that soft ass that now carried his mark.

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