The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(2)

By: K.A. Merikan

The rumbly voice went on, “Where is Suzy Sapphire? I don’t like when people lie to me. Answer my questions, and you can go back to doing your job.”

Luci curled up in the corner behind a shelf full of jingling bottles of beer, dust filling his nostrils. What did Suzy get herself into? This was bad. Super-fucking-bad. He knew she was dealing, it was always a bit of nice money on the side, but she did buy those new crystal-studded heels lately and a bag to go with them. Did she bite off more than she could chew? A female scream pulled him out of the nerve-wracking thought process.

“I don’t know, I’m sorry, last time I saw her, she was with Luci,” Linda cried.

Luci knew that cry, the girl was a motherfucking fountain, weeping all over the place. All it took was a daddy-type client for her to start regurgitating her life into their lap. Luci had a shit life too, but at least he cried in private. He just gave the guys the blow jobs they came in for in the first place and moved on. Men who came into the Vanilla Lounge rarely wanted anything else than that from him. They wanted the thrill of the unusual. Young face—check, long blond hair—check. He had a few regulars whom he did lapdances for, but even when one of them pushed things too far, there was always Rick he could call. A fucking bouncer, Linda, not like in the street, so why are you fucking crying? Luci groaned to himself, hearing her weep that she last saw Luci by the bar.

Hair bristled on his nape, and he looked around, seeking a corner he could squeeze into. There were gas bottles stored on the bottom shelf of the metal unit, and he jumped at the opportunity, pushing his slim body between them and the wall. In the semidark room, there was the slightest chance he wouldn’t be noticed so he curled into a ball, trying to be as small as possible. The moment he hid his face between his bent knees, the door opened, letting in a ray of white light crawling across the floor, all-too-close to where he was hiding. His heart was beating so fast it made his brain boil with excess blood.

The door smashed into the wall, making him flinch, but the bang was followed by something much more sinister. Slow, calculated footsteps were accompanied by the clang of metal, a chain perhaps, and Luci’s mind exploded with visions of the cold, thick links tightening around his throat. It was when the sounds stopped all-too-close to Luci’s hideout that he started sweating. He felt as if all the water in his body were being pushed outside to let him shrink even further. But he had been spotted. He knew that much before the thug even spoke.

“Go on, girl. Come out of there,” came a low, masculine rumble.

Luci finally dared to unglue his forehead from his knees and looked up, giving the guy the most tearful, sad blue-eyed plead he could muster. “Please don’t hurt me,” he whispered in a high pitch not to give away his gender.

From the crouching position, with the light above creating an otherworldly glow, the guy seemed massive. Tall, bulky, with strong shoulders and thick arms. Luci couldn’t see his face well, but it seemed to be hidden anyway, by a bushy beard and long hair that floated stiffly like a black halo around his head. “If you do as I say.”

“I will,” Luci uttered and the moment he did, he grabbed a bottle from the shelf and slammed it into the guy’s shin. It must have done some kind of damage, even through the thick leather boot, as the thug lowered his upper body with a growl of pain. Using the second of distraction, Luci made a slide for it between the monster’s legs to reach the door. Shiny leggings were the last thing he wanted to wear when making his escape, but he had to deal with what lemons life threw at him.

The moment he managed to sneak past the giant, his hair tightened around his skull, and in one breathless moment, he got yanked back and sent flying at the wall. Pain exploded at the back of his head as he fell to the floor, confused by the sudden change in gravity, but the man was right over him, grabbing onto Luci’s hair again. His blond pride and joy was a huge disadvantage in this situation.

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