The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(3)

By: K.A. Merikan

“What the fuck did I say... boy?” muttered the man, pausing for a second before the last word. He didn’t seem all that fazed by his captive’s gender.

Luci arched up, still dizzy from the hit.

“The fuck’s going on there, Tooth? You got the bitch?” someone yelled from outside.

“Let me go, motherfucker!” Luci grabbed the freakishly thick wrist to keep the man from pulling on his hair. His fingers met metal and leather over skin, and then he was carelessly pulled up by the hair and hauled toward the door like a caveman’s wife.

“Shut up.”

Luci had no choice but to follow, bent over, with hair obscuring all of his vision. This had to be the shittiest situation he’d been in since he had to pull a knife on a guy trying to drag him into an abandoned building. Ah, the joys of living on the streets of Detroit.

Luci pulled up the leggings that kept sliding down his ass. As expected, none of the girls made a peep. Every woman for herself, he supposed. “You’re wasting your time, you overgrown bear! I don’t know where Suzy is,” he rasped.

“Where’s Lucy?” growled the caveman, shaking Luci’s head in a way that made tears well up in his eyes.

He knew there was no hope when one of the treacherous bitches, Linda, who else, went all “That’s him! That’s him you’re looking for. He’s been with her last.”

Tooth’s grip lessened slightly when Luci stopped writhing so he straightened up for comfort. Dignity wasn’t easy to keep when one wore only a pair of black sequined leggings with no pants underneath. Luci pushed some hair off his face and looked up at the brute holding him.

He was a pirate. Not one from a Hollywood blockbuster, no, this man’s green eyes were so wild Luci could picture him tying his beard into bundles and setting them on fire. Like Blackbeard. Or just plain old torturing people, walking them down the plank and laughing like a cartoon villain as they were ripped into shreds of flesh, blood, and bone. That kind of pirate. Even with the thick dark beard and long hair softening the lines of the man’s face, it was immediately clear to Luci that he had a killer bone structure, with high cheekbones, a strong brow and roman nose. The guy would have been easy on the eyes if it weren’t for the fact he was a thug who was clearly ready to eviscerate Luci for information.

“It’s Lucifer to you,” he said and spat straight into the man’s face to the soundtrack of men laughing and hissing.

“This boy has a death wish,” one man said and snorted.

“Maybe he has some milk teeth to pull,” added another, accompanied by a wave of laughter. Luci gave the men a quick once-over, and it hit him that they had to be a biker gang. All wore those vests he remembered from childhood, most were in leather, and their general style was very much what he would associate with that culture. What did Suzy get herself into? Were these the people she got her drugs from?

The stern face above him tensed only slightly when spit hit the man’s cheek. The biker slowly brushed it off with the side of his hand, his nostrils flaring as if to accentuate the odd calm in those green eyes. Luci had no idea what to expect from this man, and just as he thought that, he was pushed against a wet table that smelled of the cheap whiskey sold at Vanilla. He barely managed to catch a breath before the biker snorted over him.

“Drive in? Really?” he read out the tattoo on the small of Luci’s back. It was stylized to look like a retro neon sign, and even had a 50s car next to it.

Luci frowned, all too aware that he was the main entertainment here. Only way to fight it was not to give the brute the satisfaction. “Why you so interested in my ass, huh?” His poor hair was now getting soaked with alcohol. He prayed they wouldn’t set him on fire or some shit.

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