The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(4)

By: K.A. Merikan

The man rumbled with laughter, pushing Luci harder against the table. Luci could still see all the grinning faces, and the terrified eyes of the girls. “It’s hard not to notice a tramp stamp when your pants are halfway down your ass.”

Luci groaned and pulled the leggings back up again. He finally noticed Rick on the side. The man was sickly pale, which was understandable with a gun pointed at his neck, yet he still gently shook his head at Luci and mouthed ‘no’.

Luci heard more boots stomping somewhere behind him.

“She’s not anywhere at the back or the motel either,” a man said, anger simmering in his voice. “What the fuck is this shit?”

Blackbeard sighed. “This little shit here knows something, or so they all say.”

“Pull him up. He’ll talk.”

Like hell he would! He couldn’t get Suzy into even more trouble than she was in now. She was one of the nicest people in this place, even shared joints with him.

There was the dreaded pull on the hair again, and Luci found himself molded against the hard body of the big biker, his naked skin touching the man’s shirt and leather belt, with a metal buckle that made Luci shiver when it touched the small of his back.

All thought of the strong muscle against him evaporated the moment he looked into the face in front of him. He’d never forgotten those bright, inquisitive eyes and the bushy Jack Nicholson eyebrows.

“D-Dad?” he uttered, frozen in space and time. This couldn’t be happening. The silence that ensued was so complete Luci would swear he could hear the beard behind him grow.

His father opened his eyes wider as he looked Luci up and down with his mouth hanging open. “Lucifer?” he eventually uttered, glancing to the sides at his men, his shoulders curling slightly.

Luci swallowed. As horrendously embarrassing as this was, having his father here could save him from getting any bones broken and potentially give him a bit of extra time for a quick escape. On the positive side, at least no one laughed anymore. “Hi…” Luci smiled with his teeth slightly clattering. There would be no sweet greetings. Father’s eyebrows gathered into a frown, creating a deep valley in the middle of his forehead.

“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“It’s…” Luci cleared his throat. “Work clothes.”

Father sneered and looked over Luci’s shoulder, at the bearded menace behind him. “Tooth, get him the fuck out of here, I don’t have time to deal with this shit. Get him something to wear and take him back to the club. Whatever he knows, he can tell us there.”

The brush of hair over Luci’s shoulder had to mean Tooth nodded, and it was confirmed the moment he was pushed forward, straight for the door. The bikers parted for them to come through, their faces frozen in confusion. Despite the leggings, Luci felt completely naked.

“And watch him, Tooth. He has a thing for running away,” Father growled as they walked out into the chilly spring evening.

“I noticed as much,” answered Tooth, carelessly leading Luci toward a whole swarm of badass bikes, all shining in the remaining moonlight and the faded lights of the strip club.

Luci put his hands over his hardening nipples and looked at Tooth with a pout. This was such bullshit.

“What are you doing?” mumbled Tooth, never letting go of Luci’s hair. He really was like a modern caveman.

“Don’t want you ogling my pretty nipples.” Luci showed Tooth the middle finger. At least he had some power now. The guy couldn’t just kill him when he’d gotten an order from Dad.

There was that rumbly laugh again. It sounded almost as if it came from a barrel of rum. “Kid, I’ll give you my jacket.”

Luci frowned and did a double take. His head still hurt where it had had that encounter with the wall, and his hair stunk of whiskey. “I’ve got my own clothes at the motel.” He pointed to the building nearby. “I do actually wear underpants on a daily basis.” Getting a warm jacket sounded like a nice prospect, but he didn’t want to give Tooth the upper hand. He didn’t want to be grateful for anything.

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