The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(5)

By: K.A. Merikan

Tooth looked toward the low building of the motel. “Which room are you in?”

“Six.” Luci raised his eyebrows expectantly. “You can let go of my hair.”

His mouth went dry when Tooth picked up a cell phone and chose a number. He wouldn’t get to put on his own clothes. He would be stuck with that big, warm, man-smelling jacket. And the leggings that made him look like Ke$ha’s slutty twin brother.

He looked around the parking lot, but with that fist firmly in his hair, he wasn’t going anywhere. “Asshole.”

Tooth ignored him and quickly gave someone instructions to pack up Luci’s clothes. It sounded like a series of commands rather than a request, and his eyes were drawn to the front of Tooth’s cut. It all became clear when he noticed the ‘Vice President’ patch. Tooth didn’t give him more time to think. He picked up a jacket thrown over a bigass bike and handed it to Luci. The garment was far too big for him but made out of soft leather and probably just large enough to cover up Tooth’s big frame.

“Put that on.”

Luci groaned his dissatisfaction, but put on the jacket and zipped it up for warmth. At least it hung slightly below his ass. “You always this chivalrous?”

Tooth looked at him with that permanent frown that was far sexier than it should be. Luci wanted to kick himself in the knee. Instead, he looked at the beast of a bike—huge, all black and chrome, with ghostly gray flames drawn on the sides, carrying something that looked like a stylized tooth.

“No,” said Tooth in the end and slowly let go of Luci’s hair. “And if you try to run, I will not try to save your face from dragging over the asphalt, so better be a good boy now.”

Luci couldn’t help his eyes going slightly wider at the threat. From how the man acted, he assumed it wasn’t an empty one. “I’m nineteen. I’m not a ‘boy’.” What was going to happen to him now? Was there any fatherly love left in his dad’s heart, or would he just get questioned and thrown out or worse? After all, his dad was a Satanist, Luci’s mom told him so. That was why he named him Lucifer in the first place. Oh, God, maybe Dad wanted closure? Wanted to sacrifice him and finish off the family he’d left behind?

Tooth’s brows shot up, and he let out a laugh, staring at Luci with one hand on the seat of the bike. “Good one, boy,” he said and mounted the bike with one precise swing of his muscled leg.

Luci glared at him, and hid his fists in the sleeves of the jacket. “Are you so old? Should I call you ‘daddy’?” Truth be told Tooth didn’t look all that old. He was one scary motherfucker, but he probably wasn’t much older than thirty.

“No, you should get on and hold on tight.” Tooth gave Luci a half smile and looked back at the bitch seat. Luci had to do a double take. The guy had two gold teeth just behind his fang.

There was no help coming from the empty parking lot, so after a few moments of fumbling about, tying his shoelaces, and pulling up his leggings, Luci gave in and sat behind the guy with his face less than an inch from the club logo.

Coffin Nails MC. Demon hands reaching out from inside a coffin lid and sealing it on itself with its claws. Despite the scary image, Luci slid closer so his crotch touched the guy’s ass. If he was to travel this way, at least he could mess with Tooth a little. But the biker didn’t seem even a bit fazed. Fucker had to be very confident in his sexuality.

“Hold on,” said Tooth as the motor roared.

Luci slid his arms around the bulky chest and settled his cheek against the patches on the back of the cut. Whatever was going to happen, he had no say in it, so he might as well enjoy the ride. He closed his eyes and inhaled Tooth’s scent. He’d definitely give this guy a lapdance. With a discount.

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