The Devil's Ride (gay outlaw biker MC romance)(6)

By: K.A. Merikan

Tooth didn’t say anything, and seconds later, the bike carried them out of the parking lot in front of the strip club and into the empty road. Luci started feeling grateful for the jacket all too quickly. Despite it being spring, the air blowing past him and making his hair float in the wind was slowly becoming cold. He almost felt sorry for Tooth when he looked at his uncovered arms. Almost.

Luci kept his eyes closed, but it only made him more aware of the big body in front of him. He smiled, since Tooth wouldn’t be able to see that, and slowly ran his hands over the meaty pecs, exploring them through the fabric of the T-shirt. They flexed under his touch.

“Stop that,” was all he got as they rode down the street, past a row of prostitutes, who gathered close to a car that just pulled up to the sidewalk.

Luci couldn’t help a grin and pinched Tooth’s nipple. Maybe the guy would freak out in the end and leave him on the side of the road?

This time, Tooth didn’t say anything. He took a turn into a run-down street with garages on one side, and something that used to be a park on the other. He was slowing down.

Luci slid his hand down to Tooth’s crotch and took the opportunity (probably the last one he would have) to feel the guy’s package. Now that was what a cock should be. There was quite a bit of meat beneath the denim, and it had Luci smiling as his imagination kicked in. It had been a while since he’d had any kind of sex because he rarely left Vanilla without Rick. And at Vanilla, he’d been doing anything but the fucking or sucking itself since Rick took him under his wing. The guy seemed to treat Luci like a younger brother.

Tooth stirred in the seat, but the pleasure of fondling him wouldn’t last long. The bike stopped on the side of the road, and Tooth looked back at him with an unreadable expression. “We’re getting off.”

Luci couldn’t stop the silly grin blooming on his face. “Are we? You gonna blow me or is it gonna be a hand job?” He tried to push his hair into some order to look like his most seductive self. He was playing with fire, but he never knew how to bite his tongue. They weren’t even near the club compound, which meant Tooth had other plans before they’d get there.

His blood grew hotter when Tooth’s grin curved as he dismounted the bike. He stood all-too-close to Luci, letting him smell all that masculine musk. When they were up close like this, Luci was facing the man’s stomach.

Did Luci strike gold? A bi-curious biker ready to let him go for a BJ? Bingo. Or Tooth just liked blonds. It was so unusual to just do it in the street, even if it was empty. Luci looked up into the green eyes with a smile and unbuckled Tooth’s thick leather belt.

Tooth took a low breath, staring straight into Luci’s eyes from behind the beard that looked more attractive with every passing second. “Remove it altogether,” he said in a low rasp.

Luci licked his upper lip in a promise of a quality blow job and slowly pulled the belt out of the loops in the jeans. He was getting goose bumps and it wasn’t from the cold. “You can tell my dad you questioned me, and I didn’t have any useful info,” he suggested.

“Haggling, are we now?” asked Tooth, softly pulling the belt out of Luci’s grasp. He took one more step, and their chests were almost touching, which set a powerful fire in Luci’s stomach.

“Oh come on, he’ll be happy he has me out of his hair. Everyone saw how embarrassed he was. He’ll make a sigh of relief, light a black candle for me or some shit, and I’ll be off to another state.” He emphasized it by popping open the button of Tooth’s jeans.

Tooth snorted and pulled Luci up by the front of the jacket, only to suddenly spin him around and fold him over the seat. “What do you think you’re doing with your life, boy?” he growled, pushing on Luci’s back so he faced the grease-smelling side of the bike, shocked that his hair was almost touching the dirt.

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